Sega Seaman 2 platform announcement soon

Seaman Producer (don't even joke about the pronounciation) and Game Desginer Yoot Saito has been working on Seaman 2 the past year.

Speculation hints at a platforms shift from the game that originally came out on Dreamcast and later PS2, the shift would see Seaman 2 ending up on the Nintendo DS, Wii, or both.

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Indy-Pendent5863d ago

This sounds like a very odd game. lol

dikturbo5863d ago

I played this thing religiously on the DC only to have my seaman croak. The duration and comittment to the game is massive and without being able to go back and restart prior to the little dudes death was very frustrating.

The use of a mic on the DS makes this a perfect game to go to. Every kid that has played with a Tomogachi (sp?) could dig this except that it was not that easy a game to play.

I understand that it sold quite well in Japan for DC so it should do real well on the DS.

Theonetheonly5863d ago

Oh my god i loved this game I was so entertained
for hours on end. This was one of the first games involving gamer game vocal interaction. allowing for some pretty cool conversations!