Skyrim Magical Concept Artwork, Skyrim will beat all the games in the previous decades.

Magical Concept artwork of skyrim needs no explanation, all the graphics and animation is based on concept art and the concept art of skyrim seems like it will take the game to the skies.

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LastDance2924d ago

I am so excited for this game! like the kind of excited you get when you feel queezy!!

But im upset that Dark Souls is going to make the combat in this feel even more like the backwards walking, weightless swing-fest that oblivion was.

Bigpappy2923d ago

I would be so quick to compare this game to Oblivion. At least that is my hope.

Ser2923d ago

Agreed on the combat.

I play Dark Souls for a challenge. I play the Elder Scrolls games for the engrossing world and its lore.

xPhearR3dx2923d ago

Even though Skyrim will be more hack and slash compared to actual tactics and strategic gameplay, I'll enjoy it just the same as Dark Souls. Both may be RPG's, but offer completely different experiences from one another. I'm glad Dark Souls came out when it did. It gives me more than enough time to sink hours into the game, before I sink even more hours into Skyrim.

Avernus2923d ago

Wow...I wish I have the talent these people have. Jaw dropping images. Great stuff.

BeardedPriest2923d ago

This game isn't going to be hack and slash... you guys are all wrong... oblivion was all about hitting 100 weak slashes... but this game is more like 11 very slow and deliberate drawn cutting attacks... haven't you seen the gameplay?

ArchangelMike2923d ago

Loving Dak Souls atmo, will be geting Skyrim for Christmas. That way I hope to have rinsed Dark sould by then. Best of both :)

phantomexe2923d ago

I've got skyrim preordered for the wife but all the "O GOD IT'S GOING BE THE GREATEST" It's never going live up to the hype. I think the game looks good but its far from the best game i've ever seen and you know guys it going have so maney bugs at release. It's Bethesda they lead the planet on buged games. Hell fallout is still loaded with bugs and skyrim is running a new engine. I'm not trying to kill all of your excitment but just remember they have a track record.

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