EB Expo 2011: OXCGN’s Impressions of Upcoming Games: Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and More!


"Australia’s very own E3 of sorts, EB Expo 2011, has kicked off in the past 24 hours.

"OXCGN is among many gaming press attending and covering the event, and we’re dedicated to bringing you not only the best coverage, but the coverage that you want to see.

"Here, we’re going to continuously update with concise impressions of upcoming titles based upon hands-on time at the expo.

"Without further adieu, let’s get serious."

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Proeliator2926d ago

Great list of great games.

I'm a bit worried about Mass Effect 3, given BioWare's recent track record with Dragon Age...

XboxOZ3602926d ago

From what is playable, it is looking good . . .

gaminoz2925d ago

Mass effect looks good but will it be mass effect 3.5?

Belgavion2925d ago

Bummer they couldn't exhibit anything more than a video for Skyrim

BadCircuit2925d ago

That's pretty pathetic really

Eske2924d ago

Not that it's going to affect whether or not I buy the game (I will), but I'd sure like to see something more for Skyrim. With the amount of content that it's supposed to have, can't they afford to show something new?