Spa Francorchamps Looks Photorealistic in Gran Turismo 5

GB : Gran Turismo 5 continues to deliver visually. One look at the new SPA Francorchamps track, and I was blown away at how accurate everything was. PD's lighting engine is pretty much one of the best, and it shines again in this track. PD's attention to detail is simply out of this world.

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Sickr2920d ago

The new update with all the improvements is great but damn did it take a long time to download.

Keyop2920d ago

Well hello Spa, pleased to meet you. I believe we have an extended meeting booked in this week do we not?


MintBerryCrunch2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

side by side

F1 comparison, got the GT5 video from gtplanet

SolidStoner2920d ago

GT5 2.0 for me in 6 minutes! (Optical internet 100 mbps)

Peppy la Moca2920d ago

Mind you that footage of GT isn't direct feed, but rather off-screen camera footage. Still looks stunning though. Had to jump back on after the 2.0 update. Currently sucking at the Formula GT Championship.

Narutone662919d ago

For Formula GT Championship, the trick is to brake while your wheel is straight, not when you're trying to turn, otherwise, you'll spin out of control. If you really have to brake while turning, ease up on the gas before braking and tap on the brake. Don't slam on the brake. Hope this helps. It's just like driving a real car. I got all gold in one go.

Eyesoftheraven2920d ago

I wouldn't know. I had my PS3 set to download and install it while I was sleeping.

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Karooo2920d ago

Yep it blew me away. The game looks really good.

wenaldy2920d ago

Almost real life-like 0_o

2920d ago
sikbeta2920d ago


*Getting the Complete DLC Pack*

d_dogg20072920d ago

But but the forzas highest rated sim this gen!! Yeah right get out of here! When I saw that gif I though it was real for a second! Everyone always critizes what gt does wrong yet never give it credit for what it does right! Forza is a piece of shit and well all know it, its just the media hyping it up for nothing. Gt always be king!

Peppy la Moca2920d ago

Forza is not a piece of shit. It's slightly more accessible and not as technically sound but it does have a really good livery system.I maintain that is the biggest thing Forza has over GT5.But I'll take dynamic weather (that actually affects your driiving)as well as better physics and stuff like the license tests over Forza's livery system. Still wish GT had one.

kikizoo2920d ago

They are not really serious when they are comparing differents games, on different systems (with different quality standards), nba Jam psn/xbl has ton of 9 to ten, but nobody can compare this with big productions reviews (like R3, GT5, etc), just other standards, and scores..

kaveti66162920d ago

Forza is a polished game.

Suddenly, the graphics mean something.

Whenever the fanboys have it in their arsenal, they bring up graphics. Whenever they don't, they downplay its importance.

Ddouble2920d ago

I actually thought someone shopped the Lambo's interiors on real life footage and a lot of people thought the same. So realistic.

Narutone662919d ago

Did you guys know that according to Amar212 from GTplanet that if one of you have the DLC Spa, your friends can race on it even if they don't have it if you invite them for a race on the online community. See his hands on for the details:

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yoshiro2920d ago

it sure looks amazing!

GoldenPheasant2920d ago

This has got me really excited for future tracks.

We need more course maker templates too!!! Like true mountain togue with increased elevation and a city template would be very nice as well.

Come on Tuesday!

Gran Touring2920d ago

Yeah they really should allow for templates that allow for all time of day settings and weather option. But I'm sure they're already hard at work on that.

specialguest2920d ago

In my opinion, it's the colors that helps make it look photo-realistic, unlike other racing games that uses more vivid colors giving it a more "arcadey" look.

Mrmagnumman3572920d ago

you hit the nail on the head. Most racing games like forza go for bright vivid colors, but gran turismo uses life like colors and great lighting, and it makes it look almost photoreal.

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The story is too old to be commented.