One big reason why WoW is dying.

Six-hundred thousand players unsubscribed within the first few months of Cataclysm release. I'd bet nearly all of them were avid PvPers. At the start of 2011 the subscriber count was around 11.4 million, quite a bit down from 12 million. The player base is slowly but surely declining.

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ATi_Elite2924d ago

WOW dying...oh man don't make me laugh!

Blizzard just launched Cataclysm in China and Brazil! Not many Devs can say that!

When WOW is under 500K Subscribers then bring up the WOW dying articles but at over 11 million subscribers WOW is a CASH COW!!

dinkeldinkse2924d ago

When has 11 million subscribers mean that is dying?

CloseSecond2924d ago

Don't play WoW myself but I'd be ecstatic if I ran a service with over 11 million subscribers. I wonder how many of those 600k were long term members of just those who were on a free trial period or something.

narutogameking2924d ago

The game still shits on every other MMO out there.(in terms of number of subscribers, i can't comment on quality since I only play F2P MMOs)