BD+, Broken DRM scheme: $45 million; trampling fair use: priceless

Macrovision, the DRM firm perhaps best known recently for creating security holes in Windows with its SafeDisc DRM, has purchased the intellectual property surrounding the BD+ DRM scheme used by Blu-ray to thwart attempts at copying. For $45 million, Macrovision will get ownership of the Self-Protecting Digital Content (SPDC) technology that forms the basis for BD+ as well as associated patents owned by Cryptography Research.

Both Blu-ray and HD DVD use AACS to thwart copying, but that was cracked last spring. Blu-ray is alone in using an additional layer of security, BD+, to keep users from copying Blu-ray discs. BD+ works via a small virtual machine that is launched each time a disc is inserted. The VM does some code transformation to correct deliberately-corrupted video streams, and checks to see if the disc is playing on a Blu-ray player known to have been hacked. If the player has been compromised in the past, playback can be disabled. When the disc is ejected, the VM disappears from memory, which, in theory, makes it more difficult to hack or reverse engineer.

One small problem: BD+ was hacked earlier this month by SlySoft, makers of AnyDVD. The crack made good the company's boast that a crack would be available by year end and called into serious question the claims made by Blu-ray's backers that BD+ was uncrackable.

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trane0073986d ago

Well looky here. Another useless dumbassed anti-bluray article submitted by both fools Bloodmask and Roundpeg. Dumbassery at its finest quality.

Hey round peg while you're at it why not talk about the old article you put up that said "SLYSOFT endorses HD-dvd as its platform of copying and not Blu-ray"

demolitionX3986d ago

that was a nice comment, bubbles ;)

godofthunder103986d ago

this is bullsh*t,who in the hell do they think they are,we live in america and if i want to record a movie that i bought and put the original up for safe keeping then it's my choice,so f**k sony,i support american companies anyway.
on g4 at the tgs they interview 2 writers from game magazines and they were asked why the 360 isn't selling well in japan, they said because japanese people live their country and they like to help their economy out and they are especially proud of the game companies in japan and they just refuse to buy forign products especially if they are fron the U.S.
hell i love my country to so i'm not going to buy forign products either especially if it's from japan because i love my country to and i like to help the U.S economy out instead of japans

ruibing3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

There are so many things wrong with what you just said, I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll just make an attempt on the two big things. One is that Blu Ray is supported by a lot of companies exclusively, second is your lack of reasoning or any justification. It is a format supported by every Blu Ray and PS3 owner, just recently PC owners who have BD-ROM and BD-Burners.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if they do, I hope they take comments like that with them. If you are going to be negative, at least do it constructively is all I ask.

HarryEtTubMan3985d ago

Your a fvcking idot. "Sony Ray" is winning and has been all year. LMAO

Gothdom3986d ago

Maybe slysoft cracked the BD+ security, but I don't see myself downloading a BD from the internet and burn it. Way to crack my upload/download limit

demolitionX3986d ago

I believe slysoft's crack for BD+ is bogus. I will wait and see, it will be interesting!!!

beoulve3986d ago

bIoodmask should applaud himself for this. A job well done on bashing blu-ray but sorry HD-DVD stll dying.

WilliamRLBaker3986d ago

disgrace to the royal name!
as for that yes they some how hacked into arse and wrote the article up them selves right?

LOL your a fool.

PS3PCFTW3986d ago

that sh1t had me crying.

+ bubble thingies 4 u

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