MW3: Gold Guns, No Level Required

Project NaTL:
Gold guns, I've always wanted them in Black Ops. I never prestiged in Black Ops as I thought I would never make it as I got the game late. According to what Creative Strategist Robert Bowling has said, max ranking a weapon leads to a gold version of it. This means, your level/rank has nothing to do with it. Whereas in Black Ops, 14th prestige and 50,000 CoD points were required before you could achieve the gold camo. This comes from Twitter:

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FlareDReborn2921d ago

My antivirus said that this site is a virus site i use McAfee

Mr PS32921d ago

Oh look at me everybody i,ve got a golden gun
Dont i just look so cool

RyuCloudStrife2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Yes you do, and your user name makes you extra cooler :). Why, your the king of cool Mr. PS3.


Yes I am. And personally I think I look cooler then you with my golden gun :).

Mr PS32921d ago

Dont tell me
Your one of them wally's runnin around with a golden gun

SSKILLZ2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

That's whats up bro GOLDEN guns all the way!

If you have the skill prestige and cash why not

you don't want to be a scrub with no gold! camo!

^_____^ lol

BattleAxe2921d ago

I'm glad you don't have to level now. They should just keep it the same way as CoD4. I managed to get the Gold Desert Eagle, the Gold AK47, the Gold M60 and the Gold Mini Uzi.......that's how I roll.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2920d ago

I liked the way you had to get gold guns in CoD4. That was actually a fun online grind^^