Exclusive Look at Payday: The Heist Trophies

EGMNOW:OVERKILL’s upcoming first-person rob-and-mob, Payday: The Heist is almost ready to invade PSN, and though your opportunity to crack safes, rob mints and bust up drug rings is still a little ways off, the folks at Sony were kind enough to give us an early glimpse at the game’s considerable trophy offerings.

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THC CELL2923d ago

Cant wait for this game. Just shows sony love taking risks

acemonkey2923d ago

didnt read all of it but im ready to do some crime

P_Bomb2923d ago

Too many luck based trophies that rely on other people on higher difficulties. Eg. "Beat any heist on Overkill difficulty with three other players who are all using the Noob Lube perk." I could never even get the WipEout trophy for everyone simply having different skins, lol. This will require mandatory boosting.