GamerDork: The mood swings of Gears of War 3

There is a great deal of praise to be laid upon Gears of war 3. It paints the picture of a world that has been utterly ravaged by decades of war. The creators have something to say about the motivations behind war, including a choice quote from Marcus as the squad is walking...

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WolfLeBlack2920d ago

An interesting little piece, if a bit short.

I think that the actual context of the world and who Marcus is needs to be considered though. Before I go further: SPOILER WARNING! IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED GEARS OF WAR 3 DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! SPOILER ALERT!

Marcus has been a soldier his entire life, and is, arguably, the best of the best at what the does. While it may seem strange that he quickly makes peace with the death, this isn't as odd as you might believe; he knows that he has a job to do, that he can't become unhinged at the moment and that going into catatonic state would do no good. He's a soldier, and he has a duty. And who is to say that he isn't mourning the death in his mind, even as he figthts the Locust? This is something you'll see in wars today; soldiers will lose a friend, but because of where they are the grief only shows for a short time and then they're back in the fight, only truly grieving when all is said and done.

I believe this is shown in two scenes: The first where he has an outburst when dealing with that punk that captured Dizzy, and the games final scene where he simply walks away and sinks to the ground, finally letting everything catch up with him

gamingdroid2920d ago

Marcus is the squad leader, so it makes sense that he regroups himself to focus on what is at hand.

And no, it isn't in a span of minutes obviously like the article suggest....