M2G's Need for Speed: The Run hands-on - spectacular but frustrating

M2G: "You therefore have to wonder if Black Box are focusing too hard on delivering cinematic aplomb built around a wafer thin storyline that not even Jason Statham would put his name to rather than a satisfying driving experience."

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morkendo2929d ago

looking forward to the demo oct.18th hope its not disappointing like UNDERCOVER,PROSTREETS,CARBON

Basjohn2929d ago

It'll be just as bad as the last 6 or 7 games. Make a new underground already silly devs, it's what EVERYONE seems to agree would be the best route out of shitty stagnation.

I gave up on this one when the developers were BRAGGING about quicktime events being in the game. Oh how little they know..........

Pintheshadows2928d ago

Buy Driver SF. The story is batshit crazy but the game itself is great. The demo really sells it short. I'd think most fans of driving games would like it.