Gamers Are Far Too Influenced By Sales Figures

'Twiggy', PushSquare: "A game is only as good as its sales figures. At least, that appears to be the mentality of some forum posters, unevenly illustrating their opinion in forums across the Internet.

"The NPD group released sales figures for the North American market this week, ranking Resistance 3 in seventh position for the month of September. “Reasonable,” I told myself after hurriedly perusing the top-ten for myself, before swiftly moving onto a news story I actually cared about.

"But I couldn’t escape the furore surrounding Resistance-gate. Apparently Insomniac’s latest — and arguably greatest — didn’t live up to expectations, selling just 180k copies at retail — a figure significantly lower than its heavily maligned predecessor.

"The sales-age speculation was fierce, and at times unbearable. Follow the consensus of the most vocal opinions and you’ll come to the conclusion that sales wholly define a platform, peripheral or video game’s quality. You only need swagger into the ‘Kinect vs PlayStation Move’ discussion boards to be inundated with wording analysis and hastily contrived numbers."

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NewMonday2924d ago

Gamers are not influenced by sales, only fanboys (include those who nitpick about the difference between 8.3 and 8.5 scores).


Title should b changed to fanboys not gamers.

Redgehammer2924d ago

Or maybe it could read "some gamers". I despise it when a single person believes he/she is speaking for the millions upon millions of gamers. I find it to be arrogant, and a sign of youth in many cases.

BX812924d ago

I can understand why people who like the MP portion of games only are influenced. If the game sales so, so the odds are you're not going to have a huge mp community after a while. It sucks to pick up a game months after it's been out only to find close to no one online. Also it's a good sign if the game isn't worth it's salt, it doesn't apply to all games though.

PirateThom2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Sales should only matter for two reasons.

1. If the game is good, to make enough money that either a sequel or another game from the studio gets made.
2. To ensure a decent online community if the game has an online component.

Everything else is complete guff and irrelevent. I could list off a ton of games that have "performed poorly" and a lot of upcoming games that will perform poorly and it won't affect the quality of the game as a whole.

insomnium22924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )


There was a turnaround in the significance of salesnumbers once it was clear that PS3 had more and better games than X360 did (according to MC, the holy grail of the x360 fans in the beginning of this gen). It happened somewhere in 2008-2009.
FYI this comment has zero to do ith trolling. It's only stating the obvious since anyone who was here a few years back know this. There really is no reason to disagree with this fact. It only makes you look butthurt if anything.

If R3 sells around 1 million and the dev is satisfied that's all it needs to sell imo.

NewMonday2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

the Yakuza games only sell around 500k yet it is an important franchise to Sega, same thing for Tales games and Namco.

Its all about realistic development budgets and target sales, the problem in the west is everyone is trying to make the next COD or WoW.

If a developer is realistic, then we can get different kinds of games and innovation. when QD made Heavy Rain they didn't expect to sell 1m. Portal was another great game that wasnt made to be a 10m seller. publishers should at least make a few games with mid-budgets that are not FPSs, not mortgage evrything like THQ did with Homefront

Daoshai2924d ago

Turning it into a ps3 vs 360 issue, insomnium2.
The only one who looks butthurt and pathetic here is you.

Why does it always have to come to this?

kevnb2924d ago

meh, the ps3 gets like 2-3 good games a year that arent on other platforms.

insomnium22924d ago


Nothing I can do about how things were and developed these past years. You are either a x360 fanboy or oblivious to the things I'm speaking of. All you are doing here is shooting the messenger with your attacks.

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knifefight2924d ago

The best part of N4G getting to see a whole bunch of people jerking it to review scores and sales figures.

Zir02924d ago

Not really if a game is good or has mass appeal it will sell well. Score from critics don't mean much since they can be easily paid for sales define whether a game was a real hit.

PirateThom2924d ago

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were both good games and both performed, by current standards, miserably at retail, even with the sheer number of PS2's out there. 700,000 for Ico, about 900,000 for Shadow of the Colossus I believe. Both of those games are considered to be the best on PS2.

Same with Okami, 250,000 on PS2, 250,000 on Wii.

It's not just as simple as saying if a game is good or has mass appeal it will sell well, it's not usually as clear cut as that. Marketing, perception, review scores, hype. It all ties in. Homefront, by all accounts, was a poor game and, yet, sold very well. Resistance 3, by all accounts, is a very good game, but sold poorly. What happened? Homefront just had a bigger marketing push.

NewMonday2924d ago

Alan Wake was a good game but not a "hit", my nephews run to get the next big "hits" like Dead Island and CoD, but ignore games like Portal 2 , the last thing i do is let them dictate what a "good" game is

madjedi2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

@ zir0 Yeah okami says hi.

A perfect example of the boneheaded mentally this generation has when people think high sales is always a sign of a quality game.

wenaldy2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Sir, Zir0 has been trolling on N4G for awhile.. Ignore him..

Wizziokid2924d ago

" Most Gamers Are Far Too Influenced By Sales Figures "


This is the sad truth, people seem to be forgetting about the games and more about petty sales and console wars. It's actually ruining the industry imo. let's hope it gets to be about the games again one day.

kevnb2924d ago

switch to pc, we might not always be the primary focus but we get the random awesome diamonds in the rough.

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