Open source game aims to create infinite universe

Gamers Nexus: In theory, this solution will permit the movement of small objects - like players or creatures - around very large objects (planets), which in turn move around even larger objects (stars). This effectively creates an infinite universe with varying degrees of player viewpoints. A player would be able to exist and interact on a microscopic, localized planetary surface and then move out to a macroscopic, zoomed-out view of space with no 'zoning' between the two.

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Izowiuz2925d ago

Well ...


... and ...

I hope that I:QFTE project will get more attention ^^

sonicsidewinder2925d ago


Exactly what I thought the article was gonna be about before reading it.

Thought it was news on how it is progressing.

Oh well. This is pretty cool in any-case.

CynicalVision2925d ago

Thanks for bringing that to my attention, it looks incredible. :)

aliengmr2925d ago

Yea, the QFTE guys have been working on this concept for a long time time. Wonder why this guy didn't mention it. If for no other reason than to point out some differences in the methods, assuming there are any.

But its good news regardless. Now others will take it further and bring back the space sim.

PixL2925d ago

There is a game which spans our entire galaxy. You can land everywhere, explore and so on. It was created in 1993, an extraordinary achievement at that time. It is less than 1 megabyte in size. Its name - Frontier: Elite II.

Tyre2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Ever heard of a game called 'Mercenary'(1984)and it's sequel 'Damocles'(1990). They already included 3D Solid Vector Graphics, released on Atari 800/XL/XE/C64/ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC/Amiga/Atari ST..(Elite II was based on these games).

An improved, fully texture mapped IBM PC version of 'Damocles' was in an advanced stage of development and scheduled for release in 1995, but was ultimately cancelled when a conflict between its developers, Novagen and Sony/Psygnosis.

The story took place in a universe rendered with entire Solar systems/Planets moving around each other in 3D
U could could take a plane and literaly fly off the planet through the atmosphere to another planet enter the atmosphere and land anywhere for instance on a random island with a city...enter the city-enter buildings-with whole interiors etc
It was mind blowing and way ahead of it's time...amazing games by Paul Woakes for NovagenSoftware=>
They should remake these games for the nextgen with their graphical capabilities, Damocles belongs in this age of 3D games! Ahh wishfull thinking.