Five first-person shooters that shouldn't be first-person shooters

OXM UK: "Are guns and videogames too much in love? Perhaps not, we argued in last week's feature "Eight games that could be first-person shooters". Take away Battlefield, Call of Duty and Halo, and suddenly our medium's devotion to the high-velocity conveyance of small metal ovals to unshielded heads doesn't seem quite as blatant.

For all that, there are first-person shooters on the block that feel out of place, like Sumo wrestlers trying to mingle with ballerinas. Here are a few we'd divest of their pistols."

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Jam_sponge2920d ago

Syndicate and XCOM are the elephants in this particular room...

bacrec12920d ago

I don't want Brink in any view. Ill raise you a 3rd Person Mirror's Edge though.

Pintheshadows2920d ago

I think Mirror's Edge would lose its charm if it were 3rd person.

Perjoss2920d ago

It's sad because Brink could have been a great game, some really strange design choices they made.

ShaunCameron2920d ago

Duke Nukem should have been 3rd person from the start.

Pintheshadows2920d ago

The 3rd person games like Time to Kill were awesome.

Rainstorm812920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The Darkness is one of those games IMHO and The condemned,

The main game for me though is Metroid Prime

NovusTerminus2920d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I might catch hell for this, but when it has to go black screen and shift to 3'rd person before I: Jump down and use Icarus Landing, Melee someone, and... Basically any action in the game, it should have been a 3'rd person game.

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