Five BioWare characters who deserve their own games

OXM UK: "BioWare's never going to build a game round a set-in-stone character arc, but these guys deserve box-art billing nonetheless. Here's a list of our favourites, to which you're welcome to add."

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WhiteLightning2925d ago

Oh God......don't give them any ideas

gravemaker2925d ago

in ME theres not even one good enough character for its own game, not even Shephard

dark-hollow2925d ago

You know that YOU make your shepards actions and personality, right?

Maybe he was lame. Like you.

Laxman2162925d ago

Haha, that was quite humerous.

I agree though, the only way Shephards personality is no good, is if the play makes it so.

Brownghost2925d ago

I agree someone just played the demo only

dirigiblebill2925d ago

Bloody hell. What a pair of old misery-guts :) Which characters would you build games around, then?

Wizziokid2925d ago

HK-47 please!

on Mass Effect though we do know that they aren't done with the universe but they are done with sheppard so I wonder what/who will be next

Laxman2162925d ago

I really wouldnt want to play a whole game as a midget.

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The story is too old to be commented.