Thousands line up for PlayStation Vita pre-orders in Japan

Thousands of eager gamers have flocked to the streets of Japan to lay down their PlayStation Vita pre-orders.

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Pikajew2928d ago

This is not a big deal for Japan. They do this to all new handhelds.

Bull5hifT2928d ago

Play-Asia wont let me yet , ill spend $1000 happily mem stick uncharted LBP .... Goddamit i cant wait any other site where i can import it from Please im Eager please help me this thing is my most anticipated thing ever ... Help me or else i might just end up wasting my money on a 64 iphone 4s cause im itching for the future

Tarantino_Life2928d ago

Awwwww Pikajew is butthurt!

MasterCornholio2928d ago

Your just mad they are not lining up to buy the next Nintendo handheld. Vita will be a hit in Japan no matter what you say or do.

Deal with it.


SIX2928d ago

And do you know why they are lined up? Because stores in Japan have sold out in pre orders. This is now the only way to get one in Japan. This thing is going to be a hit. I'm sure it will be the exact same everywhere else. This system is a beast!

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KillerPwned2928d ago

Don`t they have internet over there to just pre-order? Lolz I just kidz.

Infernostew2928d ago

They do but I think some of the major websites sold out of pre-orders for the Vita already. I'm pretty sure there was an article a couple days ago on it.

smashcrashbash2928d ago

And all online retailers are sold out. Looks like the VITA will be coming out fighting strong in Japan. Sweet.

Agheil2928d ago

GOT mine pre-ordered and paid for along with uncharted GA and LBP vita. Im thinking of pre-ordering Ruin, gravity daze and Soundshapes as well....hmm, so many games to choose from.

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The story is too old to be commented.