Science Can Be FUN! fun.: Episode 1 Planets

"This video was supposed to go out on Monday, but unfortunately some bad stuff happened last night. Adam and I just finished putting the complete episode on to a DVD when a gigantic bearded man flew through our window. He looked meaner than hell, and smelled just as bad. Two tall and lanky friends of his followed, all holding rapiers. Pirates I exclaimed as we took defensive positions around the DVD. We knew what they were after. I screamed the word and pointed and our cats Malygos and Freya leapt into action attacking one of the pirates. Adam and I did our best to fight the other two, but we were too drunk from various scientific potions we developed to really put up a good fight. Hours later we woke up bloodied and confused but the DVD was gone. We looked all over until it was very obvious what had happened. We searched youtube and there it was, our video. The world was not ready for it yet, but we must adapt. Tell us what you think and share it with your friends!" -

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AronDeppert2924d ago

Has anyone ever noticed how phallic the Hubble Telescope looks?