Ridge Racer 7 first ever preview

Exclusive hands-on preview of Ridge Racer 7 by Find out if its any better than the previous entries?

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bilal5858d ago

1. its already running on 1080p
2. many of its online features are also revieled

subcell5858d ago

1080P, 60fps, tight controls makes this one a much more better title than the RR6 version we saw on the xbox360.

Phytonadione5858d ago

The article mentions 1080p and 720p after it mentions the in-game (running) and menu visuals. Could that mean that the menu screen is 1080p and the game itself is running at 720p? Because I seriously doubt that they would run the game at a higher resolution than the menu screen...what would be the purpose of that?

subcell5858d ago

It's probably definable depending on what type of output you can support. Bringing games to 1080p will become widely spread as "Top Gun" programmers spread their tricky codes.

JIN KAZAMA 1875858d ago

1080p, I thought it was nearly impossible??
More lies from MS. No thanks Microsoft

Sevir045858d ago

RR7 looks to seriously be the thing that holds of Forza 2 this winter... wait Forza has been delayed till first quarter 2007 dang man and i really wanted to get that this winter, but i gues i'll have loads of fun playing this game on 1080p, online with the world, and in addition playing Fatal Inertia, and Motorstorm man 3 hot racers this fall and none this fall for the 360, I already have test drive unlimited but thats like so average it looks good but isn't anything special either

TOM5858d ago

seems to me that compairing an arcade race to a sim is pointless and putting ANY race up against the turd that is ridge race is kinda sad. But hey,"differnt strokes" I guess.

Sevir045858d ago

and sad to say but there aren't any racing games launching in 06 around november or december that can match up with RR7, Motorstorm, or FI. forza 2 just got delyaled so. and comparing. well they said that both it was running in both 1080p and 720p, whether or not they choose is upto them but if they can do that at this early stage then it's a safe bit to say that they'll support 1080p in a final build... remember the tech is there it's very well up to the devs to use it or not, they have that option so making RR7 support the highest resulotion and the lower ones wont harm those who don't have a 1080p tv. they can still enjoy it in 720p. i for one will enjoy this in 1080i because my tv goes that far. still aint no 360 racers to even challenge ps3's this fall. RR6 may have been seen bad reveiws but i can tell you that it's because japan never liked the 360,i thing RR6 was good i enjoyed it better than pgr3, not that pgr3 wasn't good at all but my bang for buckjs was with RR6 and RR7 looks to be doing what it didn't do well on this new edition

TheMART5857d ago

I doubt if you actually own a 360, because if you choose RR6 over PGR3 you must be out of your head.

Or you just like strange racinggames. PGR3 can cope with any upcoming racing game launched on PS3 yet and Forza 2 will arrive just at the beginning of 2007. So enough to get you going the coming time

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The story is too old to be commented.