Sonic Generations PS3/Xbox 360: Confirmed Levels, Thoughts, and Opinions - LAG

LAG - "Over the past month or so, Sega has revealed the levels that will be in Sonic Generations. All of the levels in Sonic Generations are levels that have been remade from previous Sonic games in the series and each are from the 3 eras of the Sonic series (Genesis, Dreamcast, and Modern). Most of the levels have been shown off in different trailers and all of the levels shown thus far look amazing. Even though I am very pleased with the levels that have been selected for this game, there are still levels that I wish were in the game instead of some of the ones that were picked. Although, the selection of levels used in this game is still good. Anyway, here is the list of levels that have been selected for Sonic Generations. I will describe them and give my thoughts and opinions on them and list any other levels that I would choose or other good candidates for the game besides the one chosen.

Warning: If you do not want the game spoiled for you, I do not recommend reading."

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