The Five Most Annoying Sections of Video Games

UnrealityMag: "I’ve noticed a lot of trends in games, both new and old, over the years, and some mistakes just keep on being made."

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Pikajew2923d ago

I hate when you have to protect a person when a bunch thirties try to kill you

saladthieves2922d ago

Agreed - that and timed sections. Do this thing very quickly or the time runs out and you're forced to play on a different pace and it just sucks.

Another is defending a certain area until the cavalry or backup arrives - with no indication of how much time is left for them to arrive only but an occasional "Almost there!"

xtremexx2922d ago

i dont know why buy timed section make me panic lol, and then i just get pissed. :/

Solidus187-SCMilk2922d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing. I hate protecting [email protected] in video games.

Ramses32923d ago

Agree, I absolutly hate escort missions, they are terrible.

sukru2922d ago

And even worse, you don't have to be in escort mission to be hit by this trope. I remember being literally pushed out of cover by friendly AI under heavy fire.

And of course let's not forget the one, where the entire game consists of escorting a stupid AI, I'm looking at you : RE5. The only way I was able to conserve ammo was by taking the guns out of Sheva's hand!

BraveToaster2922d ago

Why would you ever play Resident Evil 5 alone?

Kyosuke_Sanada2922d ago

The better question is why RE 5 had co-op in the first place?

Morbius4202922d ago

Because we're used to playing horror based games alone.

Because in this day and age some ppl get sick of multi-player and need a break from it.

Not every game needs to be Call of Duty like and rely solely on multiplayer.

I think Resi 5 should have required all players to complete the story alone before giving you the option of multi. I think ME3 should as well.

I'm really getting fucking sick and tired of all the MP crap in gaming now.

Kakihara2922d ago

Escort missions are the worst definitely, I also hate the 'Where do I go now?' moments and I've never been a fan of boss battles. Strange then that one of the highlights of my year was playing Ico and SOTC or Escort mission and Where do I find this next boss battle as they might be called.

MidnytRain2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I don't really have a problem with the way Uncharted presents its environments. On the contrary, it has some of the coolest settings and designs I've seen. I've found that having to look for paths and solutions is kind of enjoyable. When I'm made to try to figure something out, it makes the game more immersive because that is exactly what my character would have to do. In real life, solutions to unexpected problems don't just fall out of the sky; we have to think.

Pozzle2922d ago

I'd agree with you if Uncharted was the worst offender. But Uncharted is actually pretty nice when it comes to navigation and figuring out where you need to go.

A game like Soul Reaver 2 would be a better example. You start the game by being sent back in time and Raziel then says he needs to go to the Pillars. Ok, that would be easy enough if we were still in Soul Reaver 1's timeline. But Soul Reaver 2 sticks you in a completely new world and expects you to automatically know which direction to go. I spent over an hour just trying to figure out how the hell to escape the damn knight stronghold Raziel was in (it turns out there was a TINY tunnel underneath a lake that I only found by luck. wtf). And that's only the first hour or so of the game. Grr so frustrating. :(

Final Fantasy games are also a pretty good example. I love world maps, but I can't count how many times I've also gotten lost on them or had no idea which town to go to. In FFVII, it took me forever to figure out how to get to the right island with just the Tiny Bronco.

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