Top Skylanders Toys Selling Out

Game People writes: "Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is based around collectable toys. With limited stocks and Christmas approach it is likely that the best characters will sell out."

"The top four characters are Ignitor (max strength), Stealth Elf (max agility), Chop-Chop (max armour) and Trigger Happy (max luck). These toys are already selling faster than the other and look set to be out of stock before Christmas."

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paulgovan2926d ago

I'm going to stockpile a bunch of Trigger Happys and Chop-chops. May make some good money.

WhiteLightning2926d ago

Wow.....What a bunch of suckers

narutogameking2926d ago

It's a kids game. Last time I checked kids like toys.

From the look of the trailers the game looks like a great kids game. It's the perfect Christmas gift.

WhiteLightning2926d ago

Yes it's a kid game and activision are now starting to milk money of kids by even using Spyro.............yeah....the joy

theonlylolking2926d ago

Now this is sad. No wonder angry birds and minecraft sell so well.