IGN: How to Cheat in Rage

IGN: How to enable God mode, infinite ammo and other classic cheats in Rage.

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Sunhammer2924d ago

John Carmack: How to Cheat in Graphics Technology

1. Have a has-been name like John Carmack. ;)
2. Claim to have achieved the "best looking game out there."
3. Overhype this claim and your game.
4. Launch the game without real-time lighting.
5. Launch the game with an invisible-wall-plagued "open world."
6. Launch the game with a generic 10 hour campaign that took 5 years.
7. Pretend to know anything about current consoles while ignoring your game doesn't come close to any of their best offerings.
8. Launch your game with no anti-aliasing.
9. Release a broken PC port.
10. Launch the game with the worst texture pop-up issues and fakest ragdoll physics ever seen in a game.

60 FPS unlocked!

MidnytRain2924d ago

^^^ There are some people I honestly think are incapable of enjoying anything.

IaMs122924d ago

Im 10 hours into the game right now and i dont see any sight of an end coming in just yet. I just got to the Subway town too. Taking my time enjoying it and im still not even doing everything the first area had, i know it has more.

Motorola2924d ago

Are you saying that because he bad talked the PS3? Grow up.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32923d ago

Reason right there that you and people like you are the laughing stock of the game industry. And I do mean stock...

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InNomeDiDio2924d ago

AMAZING GAME! Just been through the main-story on hard. Now I restart on nightmare.