NVIDIA releases impressive 3D Vision 2 gaming glasses, still too expensive

Gamers rejoice, the mother of all 3D gaming glasses have arrived. NVIDIA's 3D Vision 2 gaming glasses is touted as an "immersive experience " is probably the best 3D specs i have personally laid eyes on. This sleek looking shades features NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology, which enhances the 3D goodness of movies. Bigger and brighter especially while watching HD films and games, 2X brighter 3D images, and improved color quality.

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Pandamobile2928d ago

My older LG monitor is starting to go on me. I'll have to keep my eye on the prices for some of these new 3D monitors.

Sobari2928d ago

I've been waiting for LG's upcoming glasses-free 3D display. I believe it's already out in some areas, but not in the U.S.

El_Colombiano2928d ago

Interesting. I wonder how a six monitor set up would work haha

Sobari2928d ago

It probably wouldn't work with glasses-free 3D displays, but I've never been a multi-monitor guy myself.

BenderDGreat822928d ago

I have the first Nvidia 3D glasses and I love them! But truthfully, they are quite dark and strain the eyes a bit. I'll definitely be getting these.

bumnut2928d ago

Are they any brighter when used with an
3d vision 1 display?