Actress Kat Dennings Talks Gaming And Her Involvement With SEGA

Although her new TV character, Max, is too poor to own a game console, actress Kat Dennings talks about her own videogame background and what it was like to go virtual in Sega’s Thor game in this exclusive video interview.

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JonahNL2927d ago

The only reason this article reached 50 degrees is because of the thumbnail.

Admit it.

saladthieves2927d ago

Kat Dennings is gifted with one of the finest pair of [save files] that you can lay your eyes on.

GamersRulz2927d ago

She knows nothing about gaming, hahaha.


WarMachine5392927d ago

Really? I would give her a go ANY day of the week! My girlfriend would help too!

dgonza402926d ago

hideous is a strong word my friend...

pipipi2927d ago

wat the fuuu???? this kat dennings was acting like a "watever watever oh i dont care" my favorite quote:
"3d??!!! what does that mean?" or "i do have a...wii. annndd a......ps3" LOL this girl is a way anoying and i think she was lying. anyways one of the hotest girls ever!!!!