Should You Buy X-Men: Destiny? No.

Should You Buy X-Men: Destiny? No.X-Men: Destiny has been out on store shelves for a couple of weeks now, so for many of you this comes too late, but in case the New York Comic-Con gets you craving a little mutant-on-mutant violence, Multiple Fahey and his sidekick, Owen, are here to save the day with an untimely Gut Check.

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maniacmayhem2926d ago


I gamefly'd this game and it is pure frog sh*t.

Pintheshadows2926d ago

I stopped a middle aged woman buying this for her son in Tescos today. I'm full of good deeds.

SITH2926d ago

Lol. I just for a email it was on the way from gamefly yesterday.

Baka-akaB2926d ago

If you're not a xmen fan you have no reason to buy this ...

And if you're X-men fan , wtf are you doing buying such a turd ?