Vita Pre-Orders Start in Japan. Was It Complete Chaos?

Actually, no. The pre-orders were orderly, and thankfully, not chaotic—like when the PS3 launched. At some stores, the lines were insane. At other stores, they were manageable. Combine the two, and you have a solid start for the PS Vita.

The above gallery breaks down stores in both Tokyo and Osaka.

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NukaCola2924d ago


Please think before you write. Why would it be chaos? I guess it isn't a good prelaunch unless someone dies? Sometimes your articles are dumb.

MasterCornholio2924d ago

Japan sure loves their portables. Heck I predict 500k sold in the first week alone.


Ddouble2924d ago

Whats interesting for the online pre-orders on Amazon is that the 3G version is higher than the wi-fi version.