Video game flop becomes hit 28 years later

InsideHalton: It’s being heralded as a missing link in the computer world — a Holy Grail of a video game that had long ago been forgotten about. And, incredibly, it was designed and manufactured in Burlington.

It’s an Atari 2600 game cartridge, called Extra Terrestrial, and it was recently unearthed by retired McMaster University marketing professor Peter Banting in his Ancaster basement during some “decluttering.”

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Relientk772925d ago

ET is hilariously bad, like I play it on my Atari 2600 for kicks

Sobari2925d ago

It's not THAT E.T. It's actually something completely different.

Brownghost2925d ago

Lol read the whole article it even says that he couldn't sell this better version after the Shitty version came out

GabeLogansBitch2925d ago

Waiting for Big Rigs to demand 100+ bucks on ebay.

2925d ago