Responding to Arkham City Haters

IGN reviews yield a lot of negative comments. Here's how they make the reviewer feel.

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Laxman2162921d ago

Same thing happened when Arkham Asylum got released - so many people just started with the 'he got paid off to give it a good score' bullocks and a lot of people simply boycotted the game becuase they didnt want to accept it was going to be good. While there are less 'paid-off' claims this time around (still some...), people still dont like to accept a different type of game.

WolfLeBlack2920d ago

In all fairness the Arkham Asylum claims were justified. Gamesmaster magazine were in the centre of fire for it as well.

On topic: You're always going to get hate comments for any review, it's just part of the gig. Videos like this don't really help.

If they had scored the game low, loads of people had complained. If they had scored the game a ten loads of people would have complained. And with this score, you guessed it, loads of people complain. Ain't the internet fun?

Laxman2162920d ago

Haha, yeah so true. People just love to have a problem with something - anything - everything.

SilentNegotiator2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Eidos's PR firm was caught trying to persuade reviewers to hold off on posting negative reviews for a Tomb Raider game, and don't forget Eidos is the company behind the Kane and Lynch Gamespot fiasco. So suspicion isn't exactly unjustified.

Publishers put a lot of pressure on review sites/mags. Look at how many 9s and 10s we see compared to last gen. So what happened? Are developers now "perfect" at creating games? Did the gradual increases in technology just BLOW the reviewers minds and they still can't get past it? Oooooor, did a rapidly growing industry with a saturating amount of games demand that publishers start pushing "better" games, thus leading to pressure to get more 9s/10s?

I won't be shocked or horrified if a publisher were to be caught directly threatening, paying, or pressuring a site for a high score. I'd be like, 'Well it would have gotten an 8.5-9.5 anyway'

Oh, and seriously IGN? You big babies. How long have you been around? How can you be so upset about some negative comments? You've been getting plenty for years! Let it go.

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Abash2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Nevermind, I get which "haters" they were addressing now

KwietStorm2920d ago

I believe Greg Miller said they were taking heat for 'only' giving it a 9.5. He said people were accusing them of being scared to give it a 10. Basically, people are idiots.

LOGICWINS2920d ago

Eh, it ain't nothing new. Just yesterday people here we're complaining about Destructoid for "only" giving the game an 8.5. Don't know where people get that mentality that a reviewer MUST give a game a certain review score to make people happy.

Brownghost2920d ago

gamers have become real selfish and demanding even when anticipated games score 8.5-9 they feel they where cheated and demand way more. Its just a number people everyone has their own number to a game

Aloren2920d ago

It's always like that with big releases.
Just wait till uncharted 3 is out, if it's anything like 2, some people will cry that reviewers were paid by microsoft whenever the games gets 9 or less (or even 9.5 in the case of uncharted), even though they still haven't played it.

Those people seem to forget what getting a 9 out of 10 means.

Bimkoblerutso2919d ago

People want cheerleading. They don't want reviews. They want to be told exactly what they want to hear, regardless of whether or not they've even PLAYED THE GODDAMN GAME.

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Michael-Jackson2920d ago

Haters in the IGN comment section of the Arkham City review.

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Grimhammer002920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'll tell you wat a gamers worst nightmare is! Playing dark souls and realizing you gotta #2 brewing'! Lol

KwietStorm2920d ago

lol that certainly is not a comfortable situation.

Hockeydud192920d ago

Oh man. I remember when I was playin Demon Souls against the tower knight and I had to piss really bad. Was about to grab a cup of the table...

sickbird2920d ago

no game deserves a 10, no game is perfect. Except for maybe MGS4 : )

JonahNL2920d ago

In my opinion a "10" doesn't stand for perfection, but for the very best a game can offer in that particular genre at that time.

In other words, I could definitely hand out a 10 to several games. Take Half-Life, for instance. In my opinion that game still offers the best experience in the genre, therefor earning a 10.

Gran Touring2920d ago

couldn't have said it better myself. +bubs

cooperdnizzle2920d ago

Half life? Really? That game is not as good as people make it out to be. Just saying.

Motorola2920d ago

Did you not read Zidane's comment??? He said "In my opinion a "10" doesn't stand for perfection, but for the very best a game can offer in that particular genre at that time. " At the time Half Life was the Holy grail of FPS games.

LOGICWINS2920d ago

"In my opinion a "10" doesn't stand for perfection, but for the very best a game can offer in that particular genre at that time."

YUP, a 10 isn't perfection, it just means that the particular game that got the ten set a new bar in the genre at the time it released.

NukaCola2920d ago

I agree. That is why I like Xplay's reviews. It's a 1-5 Star rating. Just means Poor, Mediocre, Good, Great, Excellent. A 4/5 is an 80% which obviously not what they are saying, just that the game is great but not among the best. I personally don't like that review scores get added together as if it's some real grade. Getting a 10/10 or 5/5 just means it's among the best game on the market, not that its comepletely flawless.

I do have to say if a review uses a 100/100 system, no game should ever receive a perfect score. That point system should never allow people to give a game a 100 since no game is perfect. I have seen some titles receive that and I wouldn't agree that any game is 100% perfect.

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cooperdnizzle2920d ago

A bubble for you man. That is the only game i would ever give a perfect 10 out of 10. Best game ever made. And i play a lot of games. Pretty much every AAA title and then some not so good games, and then indie games. But yes. MGS4 is the best game of all time. And has nothing in it wrong or that i would switch.

Imalwaysright2920d ago

MGS3 is the best MGS and imo the best game ever made. Actually MGS4 to me was a disappointment because after MGS3 i was expecting much more.

Pozzle2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )


I must admit, MGS4 isn't my favorite in the series either. I wouldn't call it a disappointment though. But for me, MGS1 is my favorite in the series and what I consider a 10/10 game. :)

RyuDrinksTheDew2920d ago

first thing i noticed is that Greg Miller said his 9.5 score was a "pretty good score."

there lies the problem. 9.5= pretty good, according to IGN's very own Greg Miller.

the people saying negative things on IGN are influenced by the site itself.

Hockeydud192920d ago

That's true, but at least he tried to back up his score right? Lol what am I saying, IGN is losin it big time. Review Preview's? I mean cmon seriously.

9.5 from IGN is a great score though and the review seemed pretty good to me. One of the better ones I've seen from them.

Rainstorm812920d ago

+ bubs

exactly this is why people have a problem with IGN... the site made 7.5 a bad rating, anything below that is unbuyable and possibly unplayable to the IGN following.

Look at God Hand a game trashed by IGN ended up flopping and is now a cult classic.....this is the reason why reviewers cant be given this amount of power, and its gamers giving them the power by letting their opinions influence what they play...

sickbird2920d ago

i believe he was being sarcastic.

-EvoAnubis-2920d ago

Exactly what I was about to say. Sarcasm has a habit of flying over people's heads.

LOGICWINS2920d ago

"He may not have meant "pretty good", literally"

Yeah it was sarcasm obviously intended to get a rise out of people who have broken sarcasm detectors.

Johnny_Cojones2920d ago

He may not have meant "pretty good", literally. Perhaps with a hint of incredulous sarcasm, as in "Really? 9.5 isn't good enough for you?"

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