Battlefield 3: HD Screenshots of Seine Crossing, Noshahr Canals and Kharg Island Inclusive Infos

Battlefield 3: After the small screenies from the multiplayer maps "Seine Crossing", "Noshahr Canals" and "Kharg Island" here are the HD versions of the shots. Details about the maps also inside the news.

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Platinum2930d ago

0.0 -- can't.wait.any.LONGER

Marcuskac2930d ago

I cant belive it's 10 more days from now but ill have to buy it at least 1 month after the release cuz i spend all of my money to buy an new PC !!btw will i be able to play it on ultra with Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6970 2GB ???

skip10202930d ago (Edited 2930d ago ) can i have money now?

Marcuskac2930d ago

yea but you need to tell me where you live so i can personnaly deliver it to you

Somebody2929d ago

I on other hand still haven't got a Windows 7 in my PC! Going to get it next week along with an SSD (hopefully). I guess I have to soldier on with my current HD5850 with it's broken fan.