No Black Sin Cara In WWE '12

As of late in the WWE, there are two Sin Cara characters. One of them wears a blue mask, the other wears a black mask. THQ has confirmed there is only one Sin Cara in WWE '12.

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Relientk772920d ago

Does anyone know who the black Sin Cara is? I'm curious

MrBeatdown2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

According to an article I read on (I know most of their stuff is crap, but this seemed legit), the black Sin Cara originally used the name "Mistico" in Mexico before it was trademarked by the company Sin Cara worked for. He was given the name Mistico, so the guy originally named Mistico, who didn't work for the company, had to give up the name. So the WWE storyline is that black Sin Cara is basically getting his revenge.

And he went by the name Hunico while training with WWE.

iXenon2920d ago

Hunico (Sinister Cara, as I like to call him) was only taking over the role as Sin Cara because the REAL Sin Cara (blue, Mistico) was serving a 30 day suspension.

As for WHY they chose to do the storyline is beyond me and if what you posted is the true synopsis, then I hate it.

-EvoAnubis-2920d ago

@MrBeatdown: That's basically true.

alien6262920d ago

well he his father is known as Mil Máscaras but i dont think his father will wrestle for wwe i dont know where wwe is taking this story...we will have to see what goes on later on

Solid_Snake-2919d ago

im sure soon as it is released someone will create the outfit and share it online.

Relientk772919d ago

Btw, thank u everyone for the replies

I now know who he is


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ShadowKingx2919d ago

so about allow us to change the color in the game. for the people who want a black sin cara they can change it. those that don't doesn't have to change it.

ShadowKingx2919d ago

Plus DLC skin Shouldn't be hard anyway all you have change is the color not character.