Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - The Dawning Skies gameplay

Namco Bandai has just released two new gameplays for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

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Canary3297d ago

Here's hoping their appeal to the casual market pays off for them. Producing the worst Ace Combat title in the series' history sure has burned off most of the old fans.

morganfell3296d ago

I agree. My issue is I played the demo. But then I saw this:

Now if I go back to the demo it just feels too arcadey. I have flown Flanker, Flanker 1.5, Flanker 2.0. LOMAC, FALCON 4.0, All of the Janes titles, etc etc ad nauseum. That BF3 footage is gut wrenching and it isn't even a flight centric title.It's as if they watch some combat cockpit footage and then added gameplay elements.