GDC Online: OnLive VP John Spinale Interview

Original Gamer: "OnLive started as a pipedream, but the OnLive is going strong a year after launch. We had a chance to speak to the VP of Games and Media, John Spinale, about this exciting year for OnLive, what' they're doing to be competitive player in the industry, and what's in the future for OnLive."

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ExPresident2923d ago

Have they removed the small text in the contract yet that says they can take game servers offline when they see fit and you won't be able to access those games you purchased anymore if that is done?

If not its still a scam. I was in the BETA and that was the final straw for me. The service may have been 'ok' but even on my 35/35 connection the games didn't look that great and I wasn't about to pay a monthly fee on top of game fee's to use the limited features they had.

Horny Melon2923d ago

They don't sell games anymore. That model cratered. It's a monthly fee.

ExPresident2923d ago

Yeah, I went to their site to check on it after I posted to see this:

Full: Provides unlimited access to the selected game throughout its supported lifetime on the OnLive service. We expect to keep all games supported for as long as people continue to play them, but at a minimum, all current games will be supported for three years after their release on the OnLive Game Service.

So are the games that much cheaper since you don't own them and its just a pass? Still seems like a week system, especially for tablet users as they identify. I doubt anyone outside of an unlimited data plan would risk burning up all their usage loading Onlive and a game.