Top 5 Overlooked Games Left in 2011 writes, "While some may argue against it, 2011 has been a fairly good year for games across the board. With only a few months left in the year, the heaviest hitters for the calendar year are just about to launch. While everyone is focusing on on bigger titles such as Modern Warfare 3 and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there's quite a few titles that aren't getting the love from fans that they truly deserve."

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Rainstorm812925d ago

Surely these people are high on something.... How in the world can anyone think that Uncharted 3 is being overlooked by gamers....

besides Uncharted being number one, Halo and Assassins creed is on the list...those games have a strong following i doubt they will be overlooked.

This article is beyond my comprehension..O_o

BushLitter2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I don't what they high on... but I would like some :)

Unless he became so high that the word 'overlook' to him means exactly that - that people are looking at the game too much! In the same way a person uses the word 'over-simplify'

No... that's not the way he uses it. At least I threw the guy a bone

What is sad however, is that a game like Uncharted 3 will not sell as well even Dead Island did. Certainly nowhere near the likes of Gears 3.

It's been said before, us PS3 fans need to start talking with our wallets and not on forums. I know come 11-1-11, I will be

Muitnorts2924d ago

That's not necessarily true, I'm pretty sure Uncharted 2 has sold about 5 million copies.

Not sure how much Dead Island has sold but I doubt it's that high. It's also only a million less than the gears games have sold. So given that Uncharted 2 sold much better than the original, Uncharted 3 could sell really well.

Abash2924d ago

I bet this guys' list for "Top 5 Overlooked Movies in 2009" had Avatar at number one

smashcrashbash2924d ago

Do me a favour and don't mention the pile of rushed out garbage that is Dead Island in the same sentence as UC3. I am ashamed that that rubbish even sold at all. UC2 sold about 5 million units and UC3 will probably sell as much. Do not compare Dead Island to UC3 in any way. Thanks

Gamer19822924d ago

The fact is Uncharted doesn't sell half of what FPS titles like COD do and its shocking UC3 won't either and it's a tragedy to the gaming world and shows most gamers overlook great games. I think that's where this article is coming from HOWEVER to list games not released yet? That's a bit much...

Saints Row series is overlooked thanks to GTA which is a shame as its actually better than GTA minus the bugs as its bags of adult fun but only if you don't take it seriously. I had too many hours to count playing co-op on saints row 2 playing through the whole game and DLC twice and I still place now and again today. GTA 4 got played for about 1 hour before I got bored of the same old game that I played on my ps2,psp and Xbox1.

disturbing_flame2924d ago


Uncharted 3 deserves better preorders, i know it, you know it, but there are some people that pretend not to understand it.

CommonSense2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

i didn't pre-order it. i'll still probably buy it. but since there were no enticing pre-order bonuses, i'll just grab it at walmart at midnight if i decide to get it.

still on the fence though. so many other really exciting titles in november.

*awaits disagrees for suggesting other titles might be more worthy of my money than the sacred uncharted franchise*

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torchic2924d ago

the writer was high. games like Rayman Origins, Sonic Generations, Ratchet and Clank: All for One and even Disney Universe should be on that list.

zeddy2924d ago

ive not seen a single advert for uncharted 3 yet, this game should be selling 4 million in its first week. i hope sony push the ad campaign soon and dont shaft it like they did with resistance 3.

homer2924d ago

4 million in one week is wishful thinking. 3.9 million week one will have to do m'kay? :P


Uncharted 3 is not overlooked...and I'm about to prove it.

I have 2 codes left I am giving away for free for the UNCHARTED 3 MULTIPLAYER you can download and play right now. First 2 people to PM me and prove they love Uncharted get one!

xtremeimport2924d ago

great article! so much information is correct I cant believe it. Its refreshing to see a well written article about gaming.....oh wait.

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zeal0us2925d ago

Overlooked what are you smoking

UC AC,Halo series is well known and known for selling millions of copies

Saints Row is well known but I still don't think November is the best time to release the game.

NFS: The Run is probably the only one truly overlooked out of the 5 titles.

pennyman2925d ago

not sure i agree with this list but since it is a top 5 then it is news worthy :)

rjdofu2924d ago

It's an opinion piece, and a crappy one.

MintBerryCrunch2925d ago

the only ones i can see being overlooked are NFS and Saints Row, the rest are very established franchises with dedicated fanbases

Brownghost2924d ago

saints row is really popular among my friends and me

MintBerryCrunch2924d ago

im just surprised that they chose a release window that coincides with so many other games, while the game looks like its gonna be a lot of fun, it might get overshadowed by others

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