The Death Of Uncharted: Are Nathan Drake's Adventures Coming To An End?

GP blogger, DoctorStrangeLove gives an in-depth analysis on the state of the Uncharted series and whether or not it will continue after Uncharted 3.

Could Naughty Dog be bringing an end to Nathan Drake's adventures?

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stonecold32930d ago

nope there will be an uncharted 4 either for ps3 or even a launch titles for ps4 ?

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2929d ago

I don't see ND throwing away one of the most successful gaming franchises after 3 games. I think they might as well start developing for a ps4 release instead of rushing the title and putting it at the end of ps3 life cycle.

Iroquois_Pliskin2929d ago

I'm pretty sure ND will stuck to their one IP per gen policy. I mean Jak, Crash were really popular games and they probably won't make any if these games this gen

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2929d ago

If that's true then I hope they do manage to bring one out before the ps4 launches, then again a newIP would be awesome as well

Burackus2929d ago

I hope your right the Uncharted franchise is my all time favorite. I just mite shed a tear or two if they done make more i wish Uncharted would turn in to cod and and have one every year, i love it and cant get my fill of it

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2929d ago

Errrrr not sure about one every year. Uncharted is one of my fave franchises as well but releasing onenevery year would mean each game wouldn't get as much attention, detail and fine production as they do now. Not a good route in my opinion

Myze2929d ago

As great as Crash and Jak/Daxter are/were, neither series has the critical acclaim and momentum that Uncharted has/is developing. If UC3 sells more than UC2 (which would make it one of the top 3 best selling ps3 exclusives I believe), I see no reason for them to abandon the series, especially since there is so much that can still be done with the Uncharted universe.

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yewles12930d ago

Hope ND stick to their pattern and start a new IP for PS4.

NukaCola2930d ago

They have always made a racing game as the 4th title in their IP series, so can we hope for:

UnKarted: Drake's Great Race

lociefer2930d ago

Thank god, i thought it was a spoiler

elshadi2930d ago

no i hope not
Drake is just soooooo awesome to let him go

lashes2ashes2930d ago

ND already said there will be more uncharted games. they consider the games a series like how tv shows have many seasons.

Parapraxis2929d ago

The author must have missed that during his "research"

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The story is too old to be commented.