Brand new Time Travelers trailer

Time Travelers finally gets a new trailer for the first time in a year. It's now coming to PSP and Vita as well as 3DS.

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Lavalamp2920d ago

Want this so bad! So happy that it's coming to the Vita. Importing to the rescue!

CLOUD19832920d ago

hmmm this looks very interesting the question now is r we going to get it here in EU? I hope so..

plmkoh2920d ago


Is it ok if I kissed you?

That day,

When I kissed, it may have been destiny that was changing.

If I hadn't pulled that trigger, everything may have been different.

If hadn't opened that door, we might've been together forever.

18 years ago, from the "Lost Hole", I felt that the world was changing.

Hey, destiny, do you think it can be changed?

I'll do it! That scoop...I'll definitely go get that scoop!!

What have you lost...?

You know... I'm a Time Traveler.

Today's a good day for the world to end.

Do you think destiny can be changed?

Do you think you want to try and change it?

Shikoro2920d ago

Where did you get the translation?

plmkoh2919d ago

I did it myself here, whilst I was watching the trailer for you folks. It's not accurate, I just typed what I heard.

tiffac0082920d ago

You better localize this one too and you'll be taking my cold hard earned cash for sure~!