Gamerfitnation: Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

It seems as if the franchise has been in the works for a new title to come out on PC. Star Wars: The Old Republic has a twisted story line you have got to see.

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nicfurlong4175d ago

never been a star wars fan, but ill try anything once!

Brownghost4175d ago

cant wait me and my friends already getting are clan ready for this game

Zephol4175d ago

this game is so cool! cant wait!

Darkfiber4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

After a few betas, I can honestly's an MMO. Without going into specifics to break NDA, I can say it's nothing new and nothing special whatsoever. Still all the old MMO problems that every MMO suffers from, and the added voice acting (which is the ONLY thing unique about it) seems good on paper but in reality, it just gets in the way...seriously, now you have to wait 10 minutes for someone to tell you to go kill 5 of this. Then an NPC tells you that you are "the galaxy's only hope" and you are so amazing and so strong in the force and master soandso thinks you are the greatest thing since sliced bread...then you go out in the world and realize that 100 jedis were just told the exact same thing, and have the exact same master, and are on the exact same quest to go kill the exact same infinitely respawning things.

Sure, it adds something interesting to the game, but it just makes all the problems with MMOs that much more evident. It tries to immerse you in story, but then instantly sucks you out of it the moment you step out of a conversation and into the world. It's extremely jarring after just a short time, and the entire time you play, you are wishing that you are playing either a single player game where your actions actually matter, or a regular MMO where you can just skip the quest text and not actually care about what you are doing.

Shadowaste4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )


I agreed with you but....That is why I wait a few months into an mmo, let all the bugs get worked out, let the servers get better spreads, then when I come on with a friend or two, we are playing the early game content whilst 90% of the population in game has moved on to endgame and we "kind of" have the game to ourselves.

IMO this is the best way to experience an mmo for you or someone like you.

I enjoy mmo's on occasion and like getting into the lore and all that, it's more fun to do it at my own pace.

Also, as stated, the bugs are worked out, bugged areas are fixed and balance adjustments are made.