'Assassin's Creed Revelations' Achievements covers all bases

XMNR: The Xbox 360 Achievements for Assassin's Creed Revelations came out on Friday and it looks like the game will provide players opportunities to pick up gamerscore points through a good mix of single-player, multiplayer and special items.

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Trenta272921d ago

Now that's what I call a great achievement list. Halo Anniversary, on the other hand, is going to be hell getting 1000, but it'll be worth it.

FredEffinChopin2921d ago

No achievement for buying the same game 3 years in a row? While you skip an entire console generation for the Beyond Good & Evil sequel? Shove it Ubisoft.

Neo Nugget2921d ago

The same game? Seriously? Try a little harder next time.

FredEffinChopin2921d ago

Try a little harder to do what?

ps3rider2921d ago

multiplayer trophy seems to be in hand in two days working only (assume the same for PS3)

i suffered getting AC BH platinum

Who2921d ago

I know, the MP trophies in AC BH were very annoying and were nearly impossible to get without having buddies help you out. But these ones seem reasonable.

ps3rider2920d ago

to be honest with you,

i got them with buddies specially the level 50

Rampaged Death2921d ago

Won't be getting all the 1000 again then. I'll get all the singleplayer achievements like I have done with the last two games but with all the games coming out I won't stick with the Assassins Creed multiplayer.

Quagmire2920d ago

Aw, i was hoping for a trophy called 'Kill him with your Awesome - Kill 10 Templars using Assassin Recruits'

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