Beautiful new Ni no Kuni PS3 trailer

Check out a stunning new trailer for Ni no Kuni PS3.

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NukaCola2929d ago

I would more than willing to give up Mass Effect 3 and FFversusXIII for Ni No Kuni. I want this RPG more than any other one next year, I want it bad. It is the RPG that we need here. It's a saving angel if you ask me.

Laxman2162929d ago

Kinda glad no one is going to ask you, in that case.

NukaCola2929d ago

It's cool you can disagree with me. I enjoy Mass 1 and 2 and am looking forward to versusXIII, but of these three, I want Ni No Kuni the most and enough that I could sacrifice the others. I am obviously getting all of them because I enjoy role playing games.

A-Glorious-Dawn2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

You know it will be great, as Miyazaki's films usually are...

Rainstorm812929d ago

This game looks Fantastic, for a minute i thought it was all an animated cutscene. Day one purchase for me

Come on Level 5, resurrect JRPGs on the PS3, because the genre is currently on life support.

d3nworth12929d ago

Best cell shading since naruto ultimate ninja storm.

colonel1792929d ago

Zelda Skyward Sword would look amazing if the Wii was as powerful as the PS3/360.. It would be the best cel shading

jc485732929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

for a wii game, zelda still looks amazing in its own right.

Edit: why the hell would someone disagree on this?

Laxman2162929d ago

Unfortunately, because some people dont like to accept that games on consoles or machines they dont own or like, still look good. And they dont like it when someone feels or thinks a different way than they do. Zelda games have always looked amazing for the console they are released on.

jc485732929d ago

do not underestimate cel shading games.

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The story is too old to be commented.