Dark Souls Beginning Walkthrough

We all know Dark Souls is incredibly difficult but some gamers have been giving up on Dark Souls before the game really starts moving. In order for you to truly understand this game you have to make it through your first demon, after that the addiction is set. (and no the tutorial demon does not count). GamerGaia's Chris Chaffin takes you through the steps in his video walkthrough for the beginning of the game, check it out!

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Qazdaz2927d ago

Don't play this game with a walkthrough, it's so much more rewarding if you don't.

JsonHenry2927d ago

except you will miss a million things you would never know otherwise. Like having to be in human form in certain areas BEFORE killing the boss to get some of the best armor in the game by beating a phantom that will only show up if you do it right. A subtle hint at least would be nice for this sort of thing.

Sprudling2927d ago

You can save stuff like that for the 2nd playthrough. Figuring out stuff on your own the first time is a part of the great experience.

JsonHenry2927d ago

Not all of us have time to play through this game twice, nor the inclination.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2927d ago

Too hard. I have a job, a family, friends and a social life.
I can' t play hundreds of hours just to die and die again.
I finished Demon' s Souls, one of the best game ever IMO; Dark Souls is exceedingly difficult.

I just started the game and it is already as difficult as Demon' s Souls in the last part of Boletaria.

From Software missed the target this time. This time they have exaggerated.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"Look, I can beat every game in the world, no matter how hard it is! I' m an ace, I' m so cool, I' m da boss. I' m sooo cool because I beat every game no matter how hard it is: because I' AM HARDER. So I can go around calling people a pussy and such. I' m da real man because I go around saying that Dark Souls is easy to me. I' m a tough guy because I can beat DS, you can' t, epic fail you pussy"

This is what you mean, right?
Oh, my lord, this guy is so tough, so hard, such a man! Since I won' t -probably- finish Dark Souls I won' t mach this awesome human being! Sob sob, poor me!!


PEOPLE, SERIOUSLY: get a grip.

I loved Demon' s Souls and I was happy it was harder than the average, but your pose is getting out of hand. I know it became trendy, I know it' s cool to brag around about beating every game on hyper-ultra-mega-super difficult level, evidently it makes you feel better ... but you are a little too much overexcited.

jollygoodfellowz2927d ago

The only part of the game I think is an unfair challenge is the Tomb of the Giants. The rest of the game just takes patience.