Tribune: Sideway: New York Review

Tribune: "There are three types of games that come out on the digital marketplace. First, there are games that aren’t very good and will fade into obscurity quickly. Then there are games that are excellent but constrained by the size limitations and therefore are cramped. The third type is a game that fits perfectly into its home on PSN or XBLA. This is the rarest type because it seems hard to make something of excellent quality that doesn’t seem fitting for retail release either. Sideway: New York is exactly this kind of game."

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Cinotix2926d ago

As much as a thought this was going to be a fluke it actually turned out very decent.

masteroftheclaw2926d ago

If only the game were just a little bit longer! Not everything has to be a series of episodic.

-Alpha2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

This game deserves more attention

How much is it again?

Sucks that it's so short and that they are doing it episodically. Hopefully the challenge ramps up for the next episodes instead of starting all over again

KwietStorm2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

It's 7.99 with the PS Plus discount, I think 9.99 regular. I just completed Queens, the first borough, and looking at the map, it looks longer than 3 hours, though I'm not one to rush through games. It's a lot of fun anyway. Very creative.

NukaCola2926d ago

I really like it when games on PSN/XBLA are only $10. Too many titles try to pull us for $15 or more so many times, like LIMBO which is only 2 hours, when games like Scott Pilgrim were $10 and had 10+ hours or more of gameplay

spunnups2926d ago

downloading this demo now