No video streaming on Windows Media Player 11?

Wondering why the promised streaming of video to your 360 doesn't work with WMP11 Beta 2? Thought a dashboard update would fix it? Sadly, this is not the case.

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xeon1215863d ago

Damn :( guess i gotta start saving for a media centre pc curse u bill gates :P

Boink5863d ago

I still think it's going to happen with vista, they just don't want people with XP to do it, cause then they won't upgrade...

TMoney5863d ago

After reading about Media Player 11 beta2, I was excited to finally play video from my PC to my TV thru my 360...without Media Center. After downloading the beta player, I realized this was not the case. Unfortunate. At least the uninstall was painless and returned my previous Media Player automatically.

Daewoodrow5863d ago

They never actually said an update would not happen. It's still possible. I eman come on, how many people decided to buy a new PC just to stream video to their xbox?

JIN KAZAMA 1875863d ago

Oh my GOD, YOu LIED, Microsoft is SUCH a LIAR. Why Microsoft, do you CONTINUE to LIE to your consumers!!
Thanks Microsoft.

TheMART5863d ago

Actually they didn't lie. They stated that contents of the HDD could be streamed to the 360 by WM.

The content is: pictures and music.
So they weren't having their facts up in total. Although this is confusing, it's a good thing to have pictures and music streamed by WM.

Jin, this is no comparing to the Sony lies we saw as 2 x HDMI that dissapeared, 3 x Gigabit Ethernet ports that vaporised, a PS2 Emotion Engine that made everyone cry, a great, but sh!tty online PS2 network, CGI footage said by Sony to be ingame, more and more and more.

So actually, go watch Sony on doing the lies, we'll follow Microsoft in delivering. And the video option may follow close to the PS3 launch

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