8bitfix Review: Dark Souls

8bitfix writes: I’d never felt apprehensive about starting a new game before I picked up Dark Souls a couple weeks ago. I never played Demon’s Souls, and I knew through word of mouth that it was one of the more difficult games of this generation. I’d never been interested in Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls, the ‘spiritual successor’ to the 2009 PS3-exclusive, until I began talking about it with some friends.

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Blaine2923d ago

I have to stop creeping Dark Souls reviews... Good review though.

Just wanted to say one thing about playing DS (Demon's and Dark) Online vs Offline: whatever fear and dread you experienced playing these games, would have been multiplied if you'd been playing offline.

Believe me, playing this online with helpful message scribbled everywhere reassures you when you're pressing on. Imagine you're making your way, completely unaware of any ambush possibly waiting around every next corner. My first playthroughs of Demon's Souls were offline, and I can tell you it was stressful. I experienced the symptoms the reviewer mentioned. I didn't feel any dread playing online, and the few times when I signed out of the network and pushed on were instantly more stressful!

If you want to really experience the game's potential to freak you out, do your first playthrough offline.

SlickShoes2923d ago

I can see your point about the messages and help vanishing, but for me playing online adds to the creepyness in general of the game, when someone helps me, i can't talk to them we just assume roles and push on. Then you have people invading your game trying to kill you, that is a panic situation the first time that happens!