Why Were Resistance 3's Sales So Low? [TG]

We look at the various reasons why Resistance 3 sold so poorly compared to Resistance 2. By Jason of Trendygamers.

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aceitman2926d ago

because they went multi platform. they hurt there true fans ,and there sales.

WhiteLightning2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

You know it's not like your going to see Resistance or Ratchet and Clank on the is a new IP

Besides I bet they will still make exclusive games for the PS3/PS4......

NukaCola2926d ago

Marketing wasn't very good. Game is great, I personally am not a huge Resistance fan. Resistance always seems like the underdog shooter to Killzone even though R:FoM started the shooter on PS3. I dunno exactly.

JoeReno2926d ago

I don't think R2 helped. I was a big fan of Fall of Man, but didn't care for Resistance 2 at all and on that note I wasn't sure about buying R3, but I did get it as a birthday gift, and very much liked it. Story was really good and I even got into the multiplayer for little while (multiplayer has never been my thing).

decrypt2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


Its not like everyone even knows they went Multiplat. Only a very small base of people actually go online to sites like N4G to read gaming news. Most people probably dont even care if its Exclusive, thats only for the fanboys.

Why didnt resistance 3 sell? well probably because franchises lose steam over a period of time. They needed to give it a break. Also i think people are getting tired of the FPS genre, FPS was something new for console which is why people went crazy over it in the start of the gen, i think that craze is starting to tire out now because its been so over done.

tarbis2926d ago

I think that multi platform announcement turned many of their fans off. =/
I suggest they let Sony buy them.

Washington-Capitals2925d ago

How about the FPS genre is too saturated and games exclusives like R3 and KZ3 are niche games only the hardcore franchise fans will buy. The mainstream games will still be COD and BF.

JokesOnYou2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

decrypt, I agree with the 1st part, disagree with the 2nd part=
Even though most shooters dont sell lik COD! Halo, & Gears, most decent shooters sell alot better than R3 sales have been so far. R3 was affected by R2 being a dissapointment in many of the original Resistance fans eyes and the original sold well because for sometime it was considered the ps3 best exclusive.....Resistance3 unfortunately did nothing to stand out to compete with the heavy competition, it had no hype, these days Resistance3 just could not grab any attention in a crowded but still the most popular of all generes, the shooter market= these are the reasons why R3 underperformed so badly.

Anon19742925d ago

Why were the sales low compared to Resistance 2? Are you kidding me? Is that a serious question? Um...I don't know...maybe it had something to do with Resistance 2 being launched right at the start of the holiday buying season? Just a shot in the dark.

Seriously, how many times do we have to put up with this nonsense from games sites the second a PS3 game doesn't move a million overnight. They did it with LittleBigPlanet, they rung their hands over Uncharted 2 having low sales...enough. PS3 owners don't generally rush out and buy their games day one. Hell, Gran Turismo 5 sales are something like 6 million now, and it was being beaten up on by some of these jokers because it didn't sell as many as the PS2 versions, when the PS2 was at 100 million. LittleBigPlanet was declared a flop by pretty much everyone, and then moved 2 million in about 5-6 months before managing over 4 million.

And when this title sells well over time, do you think any of these sites are going to write retractions? Do they ever, no matter how many times they get it wrong?

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting. I'll buy Resistance 3, but probably not for a few months. There's no rush, although there does appear to be a rush to condemn R3 for it's sales. They had articles calling it a flop when one week vgchartz guesses were out. They'll probably keep calling it a flop until it's not, then they'll move on to condemn some other PS3 title when companies like EA and Activision are verifying that overall there's nothing wrong with the way PS3 games sell compared to it's rivals.

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ATi_Elite2926d ago

According to that logic......Then why were Infamous 2 sales so low?

I have no clue to why R3 sales were low! i saw many commercials and the game seems to be made with quality just like inFamous 2 but both have low sales.

maybe the Holiday will give both of them a bump up.

TrendyGamers2926d ago

Infamous 2 sold 50,000 more than Infamous 1 in their first month of release.

So, Infamous 2 was actually an improvement over Infamous 1's sales.

And yeah, maybe we'll see a bump in the holidays but I'm not hopeful.

trouble_bubble2926d ago

Say what? inFamous 2 was the top selling game in June when it launched. This place is unbelievable. Even when a PS3 game tops NPD the doom brigade comes in to rewrite history, lol. inFamous 1 took 2 years to hit 2 million. inFamous 2 is almost half way there in only a couple months.

Everyone always gets themselves in a big hurry over sales, yet 2 years and three more zeros to the total later, no one cares. This article is redundant.

Number_132926d ago

Actually inFAMOUS 2 seems to be on par with 1, not very ahead as you seem to be suggesting. Both of them were around the million mark this far into their release so it isn't that impressive that inFAMOUS 2 is nearly half 2 million sales, inFAMOUS 1 did it with 30 million less ps3's out in the same speed.

elshadi2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

"Then why were Infamous 2 sales so low? "
WHAT ????
and you got 5 fangirls agreeing with you
lol at this site

infamous 2 is on track to outsell infamous 1
infamous 2 first week
infamous 1 first week

total sales for infamous 2 since Release Date
June 2011 (only 4 month ago):

and infamous 1 took 2 years to have 2 million copy sales
so what this mean ??
you do the math

and of course that's Vgchartes that mean those IF2 sales are by now atleast over 1 million

and again article number 9000 about RE3 sales on N4G??
R3 after 5 weeks :
just use your mind
and you will find out
that 5 more weeks and this game will be over a 1 million

why it's soooooo hard to believe that a game do not need to sell 2 million in first week or month to succeed

TheFirstClassic2926d ago

Personally I just didn't think the commercials were that good. The one with the cutscenes went to fast to make any sense if you didn't know what the game was, and it showed no gameplay. The other commercial was a combined move advertisement, and that didn't show much of the actual game.

itsallgud2926d ago

The sales are so low because ps3 owners area all on this website when they should be buying games to support their console. Ps3 owners don't buy games (Exclusives included), they just get on here and bark about them. Fact.

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CynicalVision2926d ago

'they hurt there true fans'

Please tell me you honestly don't believe that? A true fan wouldn't care what consoles they were developing for, a true fanboy would.

TrendyGamers2926d ago

How did we even get on the topic of infamous 2 anyways? And I checked, those infamous 2 numbers of beating the original are correct.

Laxman2162926d ago

Well said Cynical. Its so true that no 'true fan' would really give a s**t that the developer decided to go multiplatform with a new game, probably not getting a release for another 2 years.

Using that logic, Dark Souls shouldnt have gotten many sales, but that thing is tearing up the charts for being such a niche game. The more people that get to experience a game, the better.

xAlmostPro2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Erm i'd like to see worldwide sales for resistance 3.. because im not sure if you guys know this but north america doesn't equal total sales..

The marketing for R3 wasn't hugely great but add to that these are sales for an FPS game in a state that is the biggest supporter of the 360.. the only place in the world where the 360 still outsells PS3..

on top of that with gears 3 releasing not long after, any multi-plat owners would have gone for that due to the huge amounts of money microsoft throw at marketing.

Knushwood Butt2926d ago

North America does not equal total sales, but unfortunately worldwide sales are quite poor anyway.

xAlmostPro2926d ago

Then tell me what the wordwide sales are?..

My point exactly..

Number_132926d ago

NA isn't the world but it is the biggest single gaming market, especially for shooters. So it really says alot when AAA FPS exclusive sequel opens to such low numbers.

Noticeably_FAT2926d ago

If something like that were true, then Halo Reach wouldn't have sold so well. Bungie was already slated to leave and most likely develop for multiple consoles.

I think the game was the only option pretty much when the PS3 launched, so people bought it, then the sequel was kind of bad, and by the time the third game launched there are so many better games for PS3 that not many paod attention.

shimme012926d ago

maybe exclusives just arent as good as multis anymore

morkendo2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

ya, know most gamers now days tired of FPS games maybe some sidescrolling games might work now, something old school.
personally im looking 4 something new outside of FPS, MULTIPLAT games now.

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BattleTorn2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I am primarily a Xbox fan, and one thing I've always believed in always buying exclusives (for both consoles). I was stoked for Resistance 3, and enjoyed it immensely.

For Sony fans to abandon Resistance's developers for going Multiplatform, would be like if I abandoned Mass Effect for going Multiplatform. If anything it means the game will be that much better.
Or say abandoning Bungie's new IP for making a deal with Activison, which obviously will be Multiplat.

-Alpha2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

That's not the reason. Some silly fanboys may have been upset over Insomniac going multiplat, but the fact is that Resistance lacks brand power and in a year where there are so many more heavy hitting titles, Resistance just can't compete. They came out at a busy time.

The people who are upset with Insomniac going multiplat are few in number. They wouldn't affect sales that badly

Also, it's more likely the case that Resistance fans turned their back on Resistance over PS3 fans. R3 may have been more like R1 in terms of SP, but in terms of MP, it went a totally different route.

Dead Island had a huge trailer that was one of the best I've ever seen. The game was nothing like the trailer, but it had a lot more appeal to gamers. A new IP zombie game (which had very promising and unique gameplay/setting) is also a bit more refreshing than a shooter sequel for new consumers, and I think this is why Dead Island simply got the better of Resistance.

golsilva2926d ago

the lack of brand power could also be attirbuted to lack of massive hype/marketing by sony. It didnt feel as though they were pushing it as the definitive fps for the fall as they did with kz3 earlier. I mean they had ads but i dont think they properly hyped a well received game.

_DarkCharizard_2926d ago

Gears of War 3 overshadowed it.

P_Bomb2925d ago

Dead Island could also be a one month/one hit wonder. R3 could very well surpass it next month or over the holidays. Dead Island lost its edge with it's buggy launch and tepid review scores, settling in at a meh 71% metacritic average to Resistance's much higher 83. The new car smell is gone. Now it's just another zombie game while R3 has at least been called the best in the series.

Compared to what multiplats have been selling on the PS3 this year, Resistance 3 is actually ahead of the game worldwide anyways. Why does everyone expect Resistance to do a million in a week on the PS3 when even Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, Deus Ex, Portal 2, RDR, BioShock, F3AR, Driver, Uncharted, LBP, Crysis etc couldn't?

Ju2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I enjoyed the game a lot. But what's up with the MP? This is totally broken. How could Insomniac mess that up so much? Nobody says anything about that?

I mean, the only thing that works more or less is the deathmatch modes; all other modes are simply broken. Match making sucks. They can't even balance the teams (6 vs 1? WTF!). Or getting cought up in spam fests in the other modes competing against rank 50 makes it impossible to have a the slightest of a chance.

It is one of the best looking MP games; but how the hell could they mess up the game play sooo badly?

If that would have been a awesome experience word of mouth would have contributed to sales. But it just doesn't cut it. Single player just doesn't sell enough these days.

krazykombatant2926d ago

True, BioWare fans didn't ditch ME when it went multiplat.

But I'm pretty damn sure if BioWare botches ME3, people will abandon BioWare to the awful shit that EA tells them to release (looking at you DAII

rob60212925d ago

We really haven't seen if BioWare fans ditched ME yet, because ME2 was released on the xbox360 as an exclusive with no announcement of a PS3 version.

DoctorXpro2926d ago

"lack of massive hype/marketing by sony"


ipe2926d ago

Its half a million after what 35 days on market?
2-3 millions easily.

Noticeably_FAT2926d ago

It only sold 180k, not half a million.

kneon2926d ago

That's only in the US, the rest of the world counts as well.

ipe2926d ago

Unless usa=world and today is 30 of september u re correct.

krazykombatant2926d ago

@kneon, US= Biggest market. In business if your successful there, screw the world.

Number_132926d ago

Lol no way, it's been dying off weekly, no way it'll reach 3 million

SoapShoes2926d ago

Yeah where have I heard that before? Oh LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Killzone, etc... I guess history has taught you nothing.

tiffac0082926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


Actually China would like beg to differ if your talking about business in general.

And the US business model is about globalization so "screw the world" as you say, is also far from what is actually any good businessman is doing.

tarbis2926d ago

US pales in comparison to China if you're talking about biggest market.
If China were to allow entry for the console market. The U.S. would be just nickles and dimes.

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CloseSecond2926d ago

After playing and getting through R3 its nothing more than an A- title. Its certainly not in the same league as many of the other PS3 exclusives. Yeah I'm sure I'll get disagrees but to me R3 needed a few more months of polish before it was released.

Knushwood Butt2926d ago

It does, which makes you wonder what Insomniac did with all of that dev time they had...

SoapShoes2926d ago

Wtf are you talking about? A- is somehow bad? Yeah you'll get a lot of disagrees because a lot of people loved the game. My favorite exclusive of the year so far.

CloseSecond2925d ago

didn't say anything was wrong with it being an A- title, just gamers are spoilt for choice right now. How many saved or are saving their money for games like BF3, Dark Souls, Batman, etc. There is only so much money to go around.