DC Universe Online Going Free To Play - But Is It Really Still Worth The Play

One thing that turned many gamers off in the choice of purchasing the MMO, DC Universe Online, was the fact that it required a recurring monthly fee to play it. This is coming to an end very soon...

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iamnsuperman2928d ago

Ignoring the complete difference I still play minesweeper especially when the internet decides to not work

The Matrix2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

You mean it's free after paying $60. The same price as Uncharted 3, Batman Arkham City, Skyrim and Battlefield 3 I might add. So "Is It Really Still Worth The Play?"

Baka-akaB2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

It's a mmo so endless or features at least as much gaming hours than all those title combined


I don't think so. I believe it's gonna be a free download like Battalstar Gallactica online, champoins online, etc.. Apparently this is the way to go for mmo's cuz the devs end up making more money n the long run cuz they hav a bigger fanbase.

Quagmire2928d ago

You can only make ONE account per disc. Read that again, ONE, only, and then its locked forever. Meaning no resale, no lending, no renting.

dorron2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The longer they delay this change the lesser it will be played. Too many great games incoming: Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, ...

Chrono2928d ago

Sure it's worth a try at least.

cellfluid2928d ago

@dorron  u can scratch bfc3 off [email protected] list unless u r getting it 4 PC!!!!

scepter2928d ago

hmm interesting news indeed good thing i didnt uby ff xiv for pc i would wasted 30 bucks when there client ocming out for it for free soon but it not free to play as the ned of this month so glad i saved my money

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