EDGE - Batman Arkham City Review

The city is now his only limit

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Michael-Jackson2921d ago

Still no score below 8.5 :)

StanLee2921d ago

With the surprisingly high scores for Batman Arkham City and the expected high scores of Uncharted, I think Battlefield 3 is the game that suffers most. Many who were on the fence wondering if the should buy Arkham City just got their answer.

NewMonday2921d ago

BF3 is for online, B:AC is for single player, U3 is also for single player usually but this time it should have a great MP as well. so the 3 games are attracting different kinds of crowds.

NukaCola2921d ago

Sitting at:

95 on Xbox with 26 reviews
98 on PS3 with 10 reviews

I don't like quoting meta, but I do have to say it is very impressive that this game is scoring so well, one of the highest multiplats this gen and I think it'll adverage around 94 over all, and maybe higher with other sites who don't support meta. I loved Arkham Asylum and can't wait to play this GOTY contender day one.

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colonel1792921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Who gave it 8.5? This game deserves 9 at least!

criticalkare2921d ago

Destructoid I believe lol

gillri2921d ago

they gave AA an 8 btw

Psychonaughty2920d ago

That says it all huh... I never agree with Destructoids reviews.

Pintheshadows2921d ago

A 9 from Edge. That's like a 13/10.

BrianC62342921d ago

I was going to say the same thing. :)

When you get a 9 from EDGE that's like a perfect score. Have they ever given a game a 10?

BrianC62342921d ago

Thanks. Amazing only two 10's. I always ignore review scores from EDGE or add at least 1 to them.

Disccordia2921d ago

They've given out a few more than two but it's still rare:

Super Mario Galaxy
The Orange Box
Half Life 2?

CloseSecond2921d ago

Edge can be harsh but at least they are consistently harsh so when they score high you know we have a class game on our hands.

BushLitter2921d ago

Yeah, that's the way I look at it as well. But regardless, the amount of great scores this game is getting makes it unmissable. What a fantastic holiday season this is turning out to be.

Now all I need is Dante's Inferno 2 to be announced for Mid 2012 and my life will be complete

NewMonday2921d ago

Edge also over-rate games, they are not "harsh", just have awkward taste in games that i don't understand most of the time.

Psychonaughty2920d ago

Agreed newmonday, Halo 1 deserved a 10/10 sure but Halo 3 did not, not by a long shot. Edge have given thirteen ten's in their entire history.

Super Mario 64 N64
Gran Turismo ps1
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64
Halo: Combat Evolved xbox
Half-Life 2 pc
Halo 3 360
The Orange Box pc/ps3/360
Super Mario Galaxy wii
Grand Theft Auto IV ps3/360
LittleBigPlanet ps3
Bayonetta ps3/360
Super Mario Galaxy 2 wii
Rock Band 3 ps3/360

I really don't agree with most of those but what ever...

GraySnake2920d ago

wait timeout....they gave bayonetta a 10?