What If The Next Stage Of Graphics Was "Reality"?

The current generation of consoles is nearing the end of its life cycle and, unless your name is Nintendo, you're probably working on ways to ramp up the graphical capabilities of your next generation system. For many gamers, graphical prowess is synonymous with a console's desirability, and companies like Sony and Microsoft are certainly listening. But is that something that gamers actually want?

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Orpheus2924d ago

To render Toy Story 1 in real time at 25 frames per second we need 7.14 tera flops of power , only an overclocked quad sli can do that , to render Cars in real time we would need nearly 3000 times more power than that and add one or two zeroes for Avatar .... so reality is far off :-)

lociefer2924d ago

ppl would still fight over wich reality has less aliasing and better contrast

blumatt2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

lol So true. People will never be satisfied with the graphics. I do know that if they ever look really real, like you're seeing real people, it would be pretty messed up playing Call of Duty and seeing people's spleen and intestines being blown out of their back and seeing heads exploding brains everywhere and legs being blown off. Pretty sick stuff.

Outside_ofthe_Box2924d ago

If developers want to make realistic graphics then let them. Photo-realism is an art style believe it or not and some developers like to try and achieve it.

I don't understand why you would make an article about why developers should not try and make realistic graphics.

If you don't like it then don't buy the game. And actually not many games are actually trying to achieve photo-realism. If you look at games like Uncharted, Killzone and God of War, those games are some of the best looking games on the market and are not trying to achieve photo-realism. Battlefield(on PC), FFverus13, and Tomb Raider(reboot) are examples of games that are aiming for a realistic look and I don't see why that is bad or why it isn't good for gaming.

Updating the graphics also makes games feel fresh. I Don't get why people are so against it.

Rainstorm812924d ago

Do we really want reality is the question.... Id rather a CG world like Toy story or Cars to Reality.

I dont know i just want my games to look like games and not real life...or maybe the 3DO / Sega CD generations killed it for me.

The only way it would be acceptable is if you are in the game world like The Matrix

GunofthePatriots2924d ago

lets keep games and reality seperate. k, thanks

ddurand12924d ago

thats all we need is to blur that line further for some people. People already claim video games make them do stupid shit. (it doenst)

GamerSciz2924d ago

My reality is better then yours....just saying.

But yea, "Augmented Reality". That is something that is really coming into it's own with the likes of the Wii U as well as a great showcasing of it with EyePet. Look at how the character in that game reacts to real world environments. Virtual Reality was thought to be the next big thing but I think Augmented Reality is above that even. We will just wait and see.

beast242tru2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

if game is too realistic it takes away the fun factor

i know what they mean and i welcome all improvements. im happy with my ps3 and 360 soo when they choose to upgrade is good i know for sure i wnt be buyin any of console out the gate im waitin for atleast a year if i can resist that is

benpicko2924d ago

They're talking about it in terms of quality, there can obviously still be different graphical styles.

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The story is too old to be commented.