John Carmack prefers the trades on the Xbox 360 to those on PS3. Implies they are equal in power.

Revealed through twitter.

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BattleAxe2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Not only is it old, but over the last 2 weeks, John Carmack has lost all credibility. Frankly, it doesn't matter what he thinks.

StanLee2925d ago

How, how has he lost credibility? Because some ignorant PC fanboys couldn't handle the truth? Because the reality of the gaming industry as a business is evident to everyone except said PC fanboys?

Motorola2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

He lost all credibility because he doesn't wanna lead on PC? Why does what he think matters to PC players? That doesn't mean he loses credibility.. I still think this guy is still a genius. I don't think RAGE looks bad, but why the need for 60FPS? Could look WAY better without that.

wicko2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Cry more. Rage was awesome, id Tech 5 works great, and Carmack knows his shit.

It really is unbelievable how much people are crying about a stupid bug. Welcome to game development, things don't always go smoothly.


Yep. Guy gives us the shooter genre, makes awesome engine technology that has powered many games, continues to innovate with engine technology and people fling their shit at him when he says something they don't like (and something they have far less knowledge about than he does, no less).

This megatexture technology really is fantastic. Of course it has it's issues with pop-in, but stuff like this can be improved. In 5-10 years this feature might even become standard. It does an amazing job of removing tiling textures and the levels in Rage really do the feature justice.

Motorola2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@wicko No he dissed the PS3 in a manner that doesn't mean ANYTHING to us gamers. And that makes people take jabs at him and his game AND bring up irrelevant news about him not wanting to lead on PCs..

Sunhammer2925d ago

John Carmack released the most technically laughable game in the last couple years and couldn't even make a decent PC version. He has zero credibility left.

guitarded772925d ago

That's just a ridiculous statement... you may not like something Carmack said or did, but to say he's "lost all credibility" is just stupid. Hell, I disagree with some of the things he's said, but Carmack is still brilliant. I also disagree with some of the things Jaffe and Bleszinski have said, but they are still brilliant too.

Big_Dom2925d ago

Carmack has lost all credibility? According to who? You? Fuck off! So what exactly are your qualifications in computer programming and engineering? Worked on the PS3 and 360 dev tools, have we? No. Didn't think so. Honest to Christ, some people on the internet are so full of bollocks it's untrue.

kaveti66162925d ago

Sunhammer, there are so many things I would say to you if the mods allowed it.

CRAGE1872925d ago

John Carmack making a REVOLUTIONARY engine
is like saying Peter Molyneux makes REVOLUTIONARY games.

MysticStrummer2925d ago

Wow check out the Defenders of Carmack. He lost credibility because he claimed to be making the best looking game on consoles and then ended up making a game that's not the best looking on any platform. So glad I bought Dark Souls.

malol2925d ago

Carmack was Shining a shit
over hyping it on all and parsing PC power and how awesome his work is
when the game came out it got around 80 on metacritic
and no one is talking about it now
like 1 week after release
he mad because he only got shunned because of the problems the game is facing

he is really MAD
after all he did talk alot instead of spending that time working on it

RBLAZE19882925d ago

Haha yea...Not only is RAGE a very simplistic and boring gallery shooter, It is also inexcusably buggy on PC. Carmack and the gang sold out when they joined bethesda (A.K.A. Team Xbox) and started designing casual gameplay mechanics.

dantesparda2925d ago

@ RBlaze
Whats a gallery shooter?

wicko2925d ago

All of you haters have no idea what you're talking about. Sounds like UMAD

One day you will grow up and develop common sense.

FanboyPunisher2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

So you have a bigger brain and can crunch numbers better then him?

No fucking way, you're just a dumb monkey compaired to that genius. The industry will always listen to that man, but a little no buddy...who would listen to you?

N4G people, thats all. Outside of this website your word means nothing. But even here, its a almost 50/50 approval rating.

Dont judge because you have no idea the shit that guy does single handedly, way bigger brain then you, just a simple monkey is what you end up looking like.

Go back to the forest, monkey.

Then come back when you're bloodline evolves to having a higher IQ then 75.

Ducky2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

When did 80's become bad on metacritic?
The PS3 version of Rage has the same metacritic as GT5 and Killzone3.

... honestly, I'd say Carmack has more credibility than Metacritic. :D

Carmack had said that Rage was 'arguably' the best looking console game... which isn't too far off from the truth.

Rage's megatexture technology allows for very artistic locations. Sure, if you run up to a fence or a barrel and focus on it, you'll see a blurry texture or two, but as a whole, the art comes together and paints an intriguing world.
Either ways, the point is still arguable. I believe that LPB and TF2 are the best looking games. They might not push the amount of polygons, but their art direction propels them up.

I sincerely hope that this megatexture tech makes its way into more games in the future, because from what I've played of Rage so far, the only real thing motivating me to go further is to see what else the artists came up with.

Also, what's up with people attacking Carmack?
If you disagree with him, then why not refute his actual points?
Otherwise, he is still a reputable developer. Saying he has lost any credibility is laughable, and I doubt there's anybody in the gaming industry who'd agree with that.

Brosy2925d ago

PS3 fanboys are an embarresment to the industry. Jeez you would think Carmack raped the mothers of half the people in this story. Grow up.

shinrock2925d ago

how is the old? it was posted in less then 24hours time.

malol2925d ago

the way he was talking about it made it look like a 100 meta score kinda game

Ayepecks2925d ago

Oh dear goodness, come the hell on. John Carmack, who created some of the earliest 3D engines and has routinely proved himself from generation to generation, has "lost all credibility" because id focused on the consoles and their partners didn't get drivers delivered on time? Cry me a freaking river.

If you ask anyone in the gaming industry if Carmack knows his stuff, they'll all tell you he does. If you look at his engines yourself (hell, go download the source code of some of his slightly older engines), you'll see he knows his stuff. So where is all this bullcrap about Carmack losing all credibility coming from?

Ser2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Sadly, I have to agree.

Jacobite2924d ago

LOL used to look up to Carmack, but now just cant be assed with him, go with the money fair enough make a good game yes I looked at it on any platform but just give it a rest now.

ApplEaglElephant2924d ago

that 360 is easy to dev for and thats why he prefer it, but PS3 has more power.

And no. he didnt imply that. he actually said that.

ArmrdChaos2924d ago

People pissing and moaning about how this game is inferior to other shooters yet those other shooters would have never existed if it wasn't for John Carmack.

RockmanII72924d ago

@malol so? An 80/100 on metacritic means the average review gave the game a 8/10, which is a good review score. Why do people have this mentality that if it isn't 9/10 on every website the game is bad? Also saying he spent too much time talking and not enough working is stupid because he probably talked in his free time.

itsallgud2924d ago

"John Carmack has lost all credibility." R U for real???? John Carmack has only lost credibility with those that got their tails pinched when he was brave enough to come out and tell what the entire industry already know but is afraid to say. Go Carmack!!!

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VvKILLAGOOSEvV2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Because he is the same guy that told other devolopers (including DICE) to stop talking their tech up and just release it, when all he did is say RAGE is the best looking and most technically proficient game to come out on consoles...and look how that turned out. The 1990's are <<<<<<<th ata way.

@below or maybe your holding on to something that isnt there...Quake much? And might I be a fanboy of, considering I own a PC, 360 and PS3...I never said RAGE wasn't any good, he just hyped it up to be perfect.

starchild2925d ago

Are you ignorant? Rage is, easily, one of the best looking games on consoles...and runs at 60fps to boot. Fanboys like you are the ones that hold no credibility. Morally bankrupt, ignorant and biased would be a description fitting most fanboys on this site.

John Carmack has no credibility? Get real, you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

RememberThe3572925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@starchild: Have you played the game on consoles? Not only does the game have near crippling pop-in, part of the time some textures wont even load properly. The game is a mess graphically. It doesn't matter what the engine can do if half the time you can see it.

Maybe you should stop questioning other peoples ignorance.

mendicant2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


I'm playing it on 360, I'm on my 3rd playthrough actually, and while there is some minor pop-in the game is gorgeous to look at.

I haven't had any "crippling" issues at all. It's installed on my drive so that may make a difference but to say it's a "mess graphically" is simple not true. It's easily one of the best looking games on either console. The character animations, voice acting and gameplay are all top notch.

You may have played it and not liked it and that's your opinion, but you don't have to lie about it.

gamingdroid2925d ago

Did you try the game on the Xbox 360 after installing it?

It has significantly less pop-ins and textures load a lot faster.

Rage is one of the best looking multi-platform game that runs at 60fps that is capable of running at 720p. That is one crazy feat!

hiredhelp2925d ago

You know what i was gonna give my opinion but whats the point.
The console owners think the pc guys know nothing and buch of cry baby's
Only for thoes old timers who knew ID has every right to state our opinion.
He maybe good but hes made some very bad choices with this game and stated some rediculas statments.

So please carry on having ago at pc players who bit disapointed.
But ok if you get a half cheap port game thats full of bug's who starts bitching then.

Jazz41082925d ago

I'm sorry uncharted looks and plays like a cartoon. When you can do realy enviroments that are destructable and beautiful then I will give uncharted a nod. Until then crysis 2 on 360.

Ser2924d ago


Stop defending Rage so hard, it really doesn't look THAT great. Killzone 3 had better textures for crying out loud.

Go near something within 1 foot of your character and get ready to see some popcorn pop. Rage only looks good at a distance.

kikizoo2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

wow, jazz, jetlian, and others delusional xboys fests :) (i've just see shadow disagrees for facts, and agree for lies "xbox has more memory" LOL)

starchild, don't say "console", but xbox's probably one of the most beautifull game on xbox, not on ps3 (since the best can't be multiplatform)

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50Terabytespersec2925d ago

Very old but in all honesty , Carmack works in the uper-echelon of gaming Where there are no budgets for PC rigs, or budgets to go beyond variety haha,same old FPS FPS PC gaming.
Sadly..No one will appreciate his genious as much as PC gamers.But from my first amazing moments playing Rage (struck by the texture quality) to the Boring repetitiveness of the FPS and World it laid out..
I realize PC gamers can boast More FPS more Textures , but bottom line if you look at the himalaya stage of Uncharted 2 nothing has yet to touch this level of modeling detail and sheer beauty , same can be said with the great battles on Gia and such on GOW3.(Hollywood level Designs).
You can pay to play on your pC rig, but when its time to pay for design and sheer level quality and vast variety in a game.. Consoles have the numbers and sales to back up the the investment and dev time and tech..
PC's games just have Nerds with 1000 dollar rigs and far and few of them can help with to sales in which PC's game levels being built with massive budgets can occur it is likely opposite... I stop playing Rage 2 hours in as it felt so so PC so FPS again so so, same darn stages.. Shame shame on PC games shovel ware games.. your time has come i see right through you ...PC shovel ware ,Beware

swinesucker2925d ago

Well, uhh after my PS3 bit the dust I had to by a new one. That would make my PS3 a 600 dollar investment. Not far behind by beastly 1100 dollar PC.

A-Glorious-Dawn2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

You know, while I vigorously disagree with your general opinion on PC games being shovel ware, It's true, for me anyway, that Rage was underwhelming.

I have buckets of respect for Carmack but for what I expected from this game, the end product what underwhelming. A reputation is not enough to save it, of course this is only my opinion.

It's not the best looking game on consoles, It runs at the 60fps he reassured which is a big positive for it. However it does not come together well.

One person does not make a game though, so to pin the underwhelming nature of this game squarely on Carmack is foolish....

killerhog2925d ago

Big statement for a guy who made a shitty version of rage on his own turf [pc]. Of course he'll prefer the 360 it's easier to develope for considering he also struggled on pc lol. Put up or shut up carmack. Rage is an okay game on all platforms.

showtimefolks2924d ago

and after how rage launched i don't know much i give a damn about what he thinks right now. Yeh go ahead press disagree. Fact is after all the promises and what was delivered it was like 2 different products.

maybe Rage could have run at 30fps and overall better performance. And maybe having a game on 3 disk would mean the story would be longer than 10-12hrs that every other game in the market gives us.

They need to hire some people who know how to do a single player story right. Looks can only take you so far.

Rage after 5plus years od development is not a success because other games have done what rage tried to do on a same scale maybe with a little less on graphics side

Rage will be under 30 by early 2012 because most will forget about it. And also there are better games on the market than rage and some are still coming out.

save your money and wait for a price drop. Also i am not a pc gamer i don't even have a pc that can run any games, this coming from a ps3/xbox360 owner

batman devs: The single player will be 30 plus hrs Guess what 10-12hrs

Rage devs: single player to be 18-20hrs plus and within 1hrs its done

press disagree all you want but prove me wrong, everything i said has merit

xCaptainAmazing2924d ago

the PS3 is an absolute headache for multi-platform engines. Its exclusive titles that have engines specific to every piece of damn tech in that machine look truly magnificent, but it is not the greatest machine for third parties.

There's no opinion in that. The generation is almost over and the story hasn't changed in over 5 years. Just like BF3 360 looks better than the PS3 version. Don't believe me, play both and come back and then respond.

Everything about the PS3 doesn't play nice with games that need to run on multiple platforms. It's an awesome console, but multi-platform titles are its biggest weakness, and a lot of you are just going to have to accept that.

Yes, the machine has weaknesses, and everything Carmack says is true. He's just reiterating things people have been saying for years. Get off of PlayStation's ballsack, man up, and admit the thing has bloody problems.

The 360s biggest weakness is the damn disc size, because a few games are needing to be scaled back as a result, which developers also whine about constantly.

It really disgusts me that people think everyone who has said a shred of something negative about the PS3 is on MS's payroll. What a pile of turd shit. Grow up.

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WhiteLightning2925d ago ShowReplies(7)
xXtremeHDGamerXx2925d ago

Who give a fuck John Carmack just make doom 4 better than rage.

NarooN2925d ago

Fucking this. The man fucking INVENTS FPS and revolutionizes it, makes one slip-up and suddenly he's the cause of everything wrong in the world?

Everyone's like a bunch of little entitled bitches right about now. To them: fuck off. I'll be waiting on Doom 4 and Quake V.

*goes to play Quake 3*

A-Glorious-Dawn2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Its true you cant pin the mediocrity of rage on Carmack alone, however he cannot run on reputation forever. Yes he did invent the FPS genre, but it's a different game now with different players.

He owes it to himself to show he can still create something new and fresh, which Rage was not.

RBLAZE19882925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

He didn't make a slip up, him and his whole dev team sold out. That's not a slip up, that is a conscious decision. RAGE could have been something special but there id tech 5 is nothing but megatextures. Everything else is id tech 4 and the way they design the game it makes the world seem boring. Not to mention that none of the lighting is dynamic at all and 99% of the environment is static including the npc's lighting and shadows. They are all pre-baked in just like cod games. Actually I think Cod games might have better lighting techniques compared to RAGE and COD runs on an early version of id tech from 2001 which is Pathetic that RAGE can't do something it's predecessor engines can lol. The blinking lights when you are in the ARK chamber don't even have reflections when Doom 3 back in 2004 had that in spades...Actually the game was an advertisement for dynamic lighting and shadows and it was a superb advertisement at that. Then RAGE comes out and it's one of the most lifelessly designed game I have ever played. It's embarrassing, corner cutting at its worst and I get that they had to for the consoles but why couldn't they have all the dynamic lighting and shadows on PC? The launched the game without V sync or SLI or grpahics options with an automatic setting chooser that led to massive problems on PC's...It's inexcusable and all you die-hard Carmack defenders and fanboys need to learn your history. ID used to be respectable but now I think they have sold out.

ReflexGamer2925d ago

One little slip up? The guy developed an entire game and continued to hype it like it is the best thing ever, that's more than a slip up. The graphics are above average and that's it, and the voice acting sucks compared to uncharted.

NarooN2924d ago

Yeah RAGE probably isn't the best game ever, even I admit that. But everyone is acting like id and Carmack have lost all credibility or something, as if no other dev has hyped a game up to infinity and it wasn't anything special *not gonna name anything*.

RAGE seems like a testing grounds for the tech rather than a serious project. DOOM 3 was hyped up and it turned out to be a corridor shooter and it had its own share of technical problems at launch. Years later to this day, look what modders have done with that engine (id tech 4). Tons of great graphics and gameplay mods, some even made the gameplay like classic Doom/Quake style.

When devs and id themselves spend more time with it, some great games will be produced. I dunno about DooM 4, but if they fuck THAT up, I won't really regard them that highly anymore.

RAGE's main issue is that id decided to make a game that appeals to today's mainstream market, so the game itself is nothing new. Brown, bloom, desert, etc. It's been done. They even made it with consoles in mind. They just went where the money was. Now that they see that that's not enough, perhaps they will fix this shit with Doom 4.

What I find perplexing is how RAGE is bashed for not being anything new, yet those same people will go right out and buy MW3 without even thinking about it. I know the main faults with RAGE are the technical issues, but still, case in point.

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AmaZinG2925d ago

But Sony is full of shi* so i believe more in guys who actualy create multi games... And RaGe has some of the best graphics out there.

Crytek said the same. so pretty much

360 > Ps3.

stvn_k262925d ago

yeah buddy whatever makes you sleep at night!!

stvn_k262925d ago

and just to make you feel even better, gears of war 3 looks better thatn uncharted 3. (sarcasm)

rjdofu2925d ago

Careful, if you make him too happy, he'll explode.

saladthieves2925d ago

Both consoles are powerful (yes, I'm including the PS3 as well).

People love to think that since their inside designs are different, then it must mean that they are not on comparable on a similar level of processing power. It all comes down to the developers, how well they can know and take advantage of each console.

We all know the PS3 gave headaches to developers because of its lack of ease in development, which in turn led to crappy ports; leading to people concluding that the PS3 just didn't have that much power compared to the 360. This mindset is what's wrong. So saying that Sony's statement of the PS3 being more powerful is full of sh*t basing this on multiplatform games alone is...well that's full of sh*t!

As for Crytek, it's one thing to say that both games will be the best looking games on the consoles, then it's entirely another thing to deliver on half of what you say. Crysis 2 is one of the best looking, but certainly not the best. It even didn't look the same on both platforms.

pedo_across-the-road2925d ago

You do know that activision, bethesda and crytek are the most PRO X box companies ever!

dangert122925d ago

dunno why people would disagree there on the ms pay roll and befriended

kikizoo2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Only in your opposite world of blind men, "amazing" trolliar.

not a single multiplatfomr game, or xbox exclusives can compete with uc2, gow3, kz3, etc (don't even think about uc3)

"It wont matter what he says because most on here will claim they know more, even though none have ever made a game."

but we are playing games, and with good tv and eyes, it's easy to see the reality : rage, and others multiplatform games are really good vs xbox exclusives, but not on the same standard than ps3 exclusives, nobody can't deny that (only fanboyz)

"The article was about power"

yeah, cell = 45 pentium 4 teraflops, enough said (same amount, but better memory, and equal gpu, inferior, but not so much) can't compete with optimised ps3 games.

qwertyz2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

cell is NOT equal to 45 pentium 4 cpus in fact the cell only beats a single core pentium 4 at 1 thing and that is vector based calculations(because of the spes)

you clearly don't know what you're talking about

"cell= 45 pentium teraflops" doesn't make ANY sense it looks like you know nothing about technology you are nothing but a deluisonal coon
most multiplats from several years ago look better than anything on consoles including uncharted 3 lol

by the way modern warfare 2 on pc looks better than your "amazing looking" killzone 3 and it can run maxed out 60fps on a core 2 duo paired with a $40 gpu lol consoles fail and you are an ignorant coon

PC FTW!!!!

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GribbleGrunger2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

and yet the exclusive games that can use the PS3 to it's fullest suggest otherwise. but does it really matter? both consoles have great games