Why We Play Japanese Games

Nadia Oxford of writes "Japan's contribution to video games gave the North American side of the industry a shot of adrenaline right in the heart. For years, kids in English-speaking countries associated Japan with video games (for better or worse), to the point that some of us were inspired to study the language and then look overseas for jobs in the industry"

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Outside_ofthe_Box2924d ago

A game is a game that is why we play games regardless if it's a japanese game or what have you.

tiffac0082924d ago

There is just too much hate this generation that some players are actually ignoring good games just because on where they are made.

I mean everyone of us has a preferred genre no doubt about it but to completely disregard a game because its made from Japan or in anywhere in the west is just totally mind blowing.

BushLitter2924d ago

I agree with you, the only problem is that I find time and time again, that games that come out of Japan are not to my personal liking. I can't stand the dialogue ( I understand that meaning gets lost in translation) and voice acting is generally shoddy. I'm sure it's great in the original version.

Similarly, I find Eastern European developed games hard to get into, although a little more palatable.

zeal0us2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Because I like variety and plus I don't like idea being a close minded gamer. None of that "USA! USA! USA!" bs here(video game wise).

tarbis2924d ago

I'd take any Japanese game even doujin games anytime.

Godmars2902924d ago

Japanese games haven't been what they use to be, mainly because JP devs don't know what to do with HD consoles.

PSX992924d ago

They do know what to do. I prefer Japanese games usually because they make different games. In western markets its all the same and unoriginal aside from valve,blizzard,naughty dog and a few others.

longcat2923d ago

The problem with HD consoles is that development is too costly to take risks given that the japanese mostly play handhelds now.

Very interested to see what they do on the vita. Hopefully digital distribution will encourage more localization efforts.

i still rather play play jrpgs over any western rpg (except maybe fallout)

MariaHelFutura2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Yep. MGS4 and Demon/Dark Souls, TLG instantly comes to mind.


What the hell were they thinking???? Damn Novices.

Inception2923d ago

Don't forget Valkyria Chronicles
that game had beautiful cell-shading graphic

oh and Ni no Kuni
darn, if some people said 'japanese devs don't know shit for HD consoles' than that people must be smoking shit :D

jc485732924d ago

if the game looks good, has good story, good experience, and gameplay, then I care less about where the game is made. More developers started making good games along the way that it's pointless to be close minded. You simply don't want to miss out on the good stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.