Child of Eden PlayStation Move Analysis (Includes Vs Kinect Comparison)

After a few months of jealous peeking from behind the waggling shoulders of Kinect users, the PS3 community can finally enjoy the latest synesthetic shooter experience from the creator of Rez, with PlayStation Move and (for the lucky ones) in stereoscopic 3D. Wonder how it turned out? Hit play to find out!

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GribbleGrunger2920d ago

so the 360 version looks better (and there's no argument about that) and the PS3 version plays better (and there's no argument about that either)

EVILDEAD3602920d ago

Love Child of Eden for Kinect. Sure you could point and click like any other game using Move and even use gthe controller which is obviously the easiesy way to play.

But, what made Kinect cool was the whole Jedi effect.

Either way, the visuals and sound is phenomenal.Buy it no matter what system you own.


Wh15ky2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

You don't point and click with the move version, it doesn't control like a shooter.

I rented and played through this game last week and was mightily dissapointed by it, if I bought it I would have been gutted, it is £23.99 on psn and seems to range between £14.99 and £29.99 on disc, IMO that is far too much for this game. It would have made a great little download title for under a tenner though.

strange19862920d ago

Yet another unbelievably comprehensive video analysis from iWaggle - this gives me renewed motivation to jump back in with the Move. Thank you!

Wh15ky2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Brilliant video as ever, love the deep and complex analysis, you just can't find this information anywhere else.

BitbyDeath2920d ago

Never understood why people like this game so much.
Horrible game is horrible.