Batman Arkham City May Be The Best Batman Game Of All Time

Based from review scores on metacritic, Batman: Arkham City might be the best title on its franchise.

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WolfLeBlack2925d ago

Well, to be fair it doesn't really have that much compeition apart from its own predeccesor.

Rainstorm812925d ago

Exactly, because Arkham Asylum clearly took that title when it released.....but Batman Returns was a pretty good beat em up back in the day on SNES

ThatArtGuy2924d ago

In my opinion, the best version of Batman Returns was the Sega CD version. Batmobile and Batboat sewer stages are awesome!

omi25p2924d ago

Batman begins movie game was pretty good.

princejb1342924d ago

exactly arkham asylum was the best batman ever made, it only makes sense its sequel is better

lykaice2924d ago

yep... that's the thing.

princejb1342924d ago

umm i don't think a Facebook page gonna change anything sorry dude

Pintheshadows2924d ago

I would but seeing as i'm going to buy new I don't really care.

But you keep believing that "petitions" make an iota of difference.

UnSelf2924d ago

now write an article explaining why or why not this may be true

ThatArtGuy2924d ago

Water isn't wet when it's frozen.

Vaud-Villian2924d ago

You mean when it's no longer water?

Chuk52924d ago

"It may be wet" that implies that it isn't always wet nor is it guaranteed to be wet.

InNomeDiDio2924d ago

and the sky ain't blue ;)

Kakihara2924d ago

What??? That's ridiculous!! What about Batman forever on the Snes?? That game was so good it was almost as good as the movie, which was clearly the best Batman movie ever made. Yes you guessed my secret identity, I am Batman's greatest foe, Opposite man!! Oh wait, no I'm not.

InNomeDiDio2924d ago

Can't wait for the the PC Release ...

Gran Touring2924d ago

I'm getting it on PC as well but when is it coming out?

tmoss7262924d ago

Article says November 1st.

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