Street Fighter x Tekken character teasers

Capcom released three new character teasers for Street Fighter x Tekken.

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jc485732923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I think first trailer is most likely pointing at Xiaoyu and I have a feeling that third trailer is Paul...not too sure on the second trailer. I'm guessing Marshall Law.

Peppy la Moca2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

At the end of the first trailer you clearly see Xiaoyu's foot, Alisa's foot and Zafina's arm/hand. Second one I can make out Miguel and either Feng Wei, or Law. Devil Jin and maybe Paul and someone else in the 3rd

pucpop2922d ago

No thanks. I am sticking with SFIVAE

topgun332922d ago

When do you think Christie will be added?

Quagmire2922d ago

When Capcom perfects the boob physics

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RockNRoller2922d ago

guys wait about 5 months in and they'll announce the SUPER EDition then in another 8 months you get the ARCADE Edition so this game in complete function won't come out till 2013

VTKC2922d ago

yeah I can picture it now.... wait another few months and they will release the "Ulitimate Edition". and then another few months and they release the "Warriors Path Edition" It could go on for decades. and then you got the other cross over to wait for. What clever marketing. and thats why we love you Capcom.